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Del-London : 

BuzzCatch Challenge - Gain Del London 10 new, long-term clients in four weeks.Del London was new to the legal services industry, serving papers for lawyers in the immediate Los Angeles area. They were experiencing problems getting themselves recognized due to a few issues: - Lawyers are extremely hard to get a hold of - The greatest value in the industry is reliability and price - The courier industry, as seen by the lawyers, is more of a necessary evil Out of the three BuzzCatch campaigns HCHC introduced, Del London choose the "Serve This!" campaign. Lawyers usually send the papers to the couriers, and the couriers serve the intended people the papers. We reserved that model having the couriers serve the lawyers with notices of Del London's excellent and timely services. We took a couple of their couriers, and had them target certain law offices within small geographic areas in Los Angeles, every single morning, for four weeks. They would take the notices, and actually go into the offices and serve the lawyer (or the secretary). This was an innovative and fun way to get the attention for desired clients. Within two weeks of finishing the BuzzCatch, the mission was a success with 10 new clients. Del-London

Assurrance Roofing : 

Brand Build-Out Assurance would cover the houses they were working on with large 50' tarps, protecting the siding from falling debris from the roof. After hearing a couple people comment on how the houses looked like they were being "tented" for bugs, we decided it was time for a change.We took a negative, people assuming another service was taking place, and turned it into a positive. On all of the 50' tarps was now the Assurance Roofing logo. There was now no mistake as to what was going on, due to the 20' logos. Take an eye sore and turn it into a marketing tool. Assurrance Roofing

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