Salvation History. Part 1


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About the History of Salvation. Part One: Creation. Universe. Man and woman. Original sin. First Covenant. Noah: Second Covenant


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The Five Covenants in the Old Testament:

The Five Covenants in the Old Testament History of Salvation I


HISTORY OF SALVATION: STAGES: 1. Covenant with a Couple . Creation: Adam & Eve. 2. Covenant with a Family : Noah 3. Covenant with a Tribe : Abraham 4. Covenant with a Nation : Moses. Israel chosen. Exodus from Egypt. Covenant of Sinai 5. Covenant with a Kingdom : David


Genesis – book of beginnings Beginning of universe; beginning of human race; beginning of sin (how people preferred going their own way rather than doing God’s will); beginning of the Jewish people Key chapters Genesis 1-2 Creation Genesis 3 Sin / First promise of Redeemer Genesis 12 Abraham’s call HISTORY OF SALVATION

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7 Days Creation “God said: Let it be …. And so it was.” He gives name. He blesses It was good 1 st day: day /darkness 2 nd day: waters above (clouds) / waters below 3 rd day: earth / sea / plants 4 th day: Stars in the firmament 5 th day: fishes and birds 6 th day: terrestrial animals *MAN’s creation. In his image and likeness.

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7 Days Creation “God said: Let it be …. And so it was.” He gives name. He blesses It was VERY good *MAN’s creation. In his image and likeness. Theological conclusions: 1 --”Grow and multiply”. 2 sexes. -Woman created from man (not from Earth) -Equality in dignity -Matrimony willed by God 2 --”Subdue the Earth”: work, positive value. Use of intelligence & willpower. 3. GIFTS given: grace / immortality. Obedience

Disobedience  First Covenant:

Disobedience  First Covenant “You will be like gods”. She ate,… and gave it to her husband. They lost GITFS: death, suffering entered into the world. God promised a SAVIOUR. COVENANT.

First Covenant: Jesus Christ fulfilled that promise:

First Covenant: Jesus Christ fulfilled that promise Man & woman Adam & Eve Jesus & Mary One Tree Tree in the garden Wood of the Cross One garden Gethsemane Calvary One angel devil An Angel comforted Jesus New Adam New Eve

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God - World created in goodness - Man formed in God’s image Satan-sin-death (1) SIN of Adam & Eve (Gen 3) (2) SIN of Cain killing Abel (Gen 4) (3) SIN between sons of God & daughters of men (Gen 6) (4) SIN punished by flood (Gen 6-9) (5) SIN of pride at tower of Babel (Gen 11) All of these SIN stories show the growing power of the kingdom of SATAN, SIN, DEATH, SICKNESS Gen 3-11 NOAH’S FAMILY IS SAVED. SECONDCOVENANT Man falls away from God Man needs salvation Creation-Man-Sin PROMISE OF SALVATION FIRST COVENANT


Noah Noah was the ninth of the pre-Flood Patriarchs. In his 600th year God, saddened at the wickedness of mankind, sent a great flood to destroy all life. Because Noah was "righteous in his generation" God instructed him to build an ark and save a remnant of life. After the Flood Noah offered a sacrifice, nihoah: "pleasant" odour of the sacrifice (Noah's name) and entered into a Covenant with God

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Settlement of Noah's Descendants The dispersion of the descendants of Shem, Ham, and Japheth

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