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Symbolic Code:

Jodie Goodacre Symbolic Code

Symbolic Code:

Symbolic Code This particular Barthes code revolves around the various conventions incorporated into a character, which displays meanings, displaying their character for the audience. These things can include colours, costumes, body language, props etc. We have been sure to incorporate various symbolic codes within our trailer to create depth and interesting characters.

Jane - Colours :

Jane - Colours Red – Red is used within Jane’s costumes as red has connotations with violence and danger , therefore presenting her evil character subtly. Black – Jane wears various pieces of clothing which are of the colour black, as black symbolises evil , once again subtly hinting at her true dark and evil character . Grey - Grey is a mixture of white and black . White is associated with positivity and a good character, where as black has connotations with evil and danger. This combination presents how Jane is different to her presented character. Green – Jane’s mug is green, as green symbolises jealousy . This links to her motive of killing Susan, as she was jealous of Timothy’s sister, presenting her controlling and power craving character.

Jane - Props:

Jane - Props Green Mug – This prop is incorporated as it has connotations with warmth , therefore portraying Jane to be a warm hearted character. Although, however this highly contrasts to her negative and cold hearted personality, as she is the secret murderer of Susan. The symbolism of this mug shows how Jane is hiding her true colours in order to not get caught of being the murderer, misdirecting the audience. Jane’s Notebook – Jane is also shown to be use a notebook. Notebooks have connotations with intelligence , symbolising Jane’s smart character, as well as presenting how she may have been planning and thinking about various ideas. This infers that she was planning the killing of Susan , linking to her evil and conniving character.

Jane - Costumes:

Jane - Costumes Jumpers - A jumper has connotations with warmth and softness , portraying Jane to be a soft and warm hearted character. This however contrasts highly to her hidden character, which is cold hearted. Therefore, causing the audience to gain a positive impression of her. This links to the aspect of misdirection within our trailer, which makes the audience believe things which are not true, adding the element of surprise to who the murderer is. Dress – A dress is associated with a formal event and wealth . This links to power , and therefore conveying Jane’s powerful character. Leather Jacket - This jacket covered all of her upper body, allowing her to become a mysterious dark figure , blending in with the shadows. The material of leather is quite strong and tough, portraying this character’s sinister and strong personality. The colour black also portrays her negative character.

Timothy - Colours :

Timothy - Colours Light Blue - The connotations of light blue are tranquillity and peace , symbolising how happy he was before his sisters death. This colour causes the audience to empathise with Timothy later in the trailer, due to sudden change of happiness to sadness. Dark Blue - This colour shirt was used as it symbolises the tragic situation of Susan’s death and the negativity that Timothy feels. Blue has connotations of sadness, which conveys Timothy’s feelings also. Dark blue additionally has connotations with power . This links to Timothy’s new found ability of time travel. White - Timothy’s pure and positive character , is symbolised through the colour white. White also symbolises hope . Thus, presenting that, despite everything, Timothy continues to have hope of finding the killer and giving his sister justice. Black - The colour black has negative connotations, foreshadowing the later negative events to occur, such as Susan’s death and the pain caused by the time travel. It also links to power , symbolising Timothy’s new found ability .

Timothy - Props :

Timothy - Props Broken Watch – The broken watch prop was given to Timothy by the mysterious Agnes, and is later identified to be the prop which enables Timothy to travel back in time . The watch symbolises Timothy’s new ability of time travel. Also, the watch represents Timothy, as he too is broken , but emotionally. Glasses - Timothy’s reading glassed have connotations with intelligence stereotypically. This means that Timothy is presented to the audience to be an intelligent character, as well as professional and in a sense, superior. On the other hand, this contrasts to Timothy’s later presentation, as he is seen to be weak and emotionally unstable.

Timothy - Costumes :

Timothy - Costumes Formal Clothing - Timothy is dressed in formal clothing . This symbolises him to be professional and powerful character, as formal clothing has connotations with superiority, representing him as a strong protagonist. However, this contrasts to his later portrayal, as he is seen in pain in various sequences, both emotional and physical, from time traveling and losing his sister. Casual Clothing - Timothy is later dressed in casual clothing, which has connotations with simplicity , contrasting to the formal clothing. This change is costume presents the change in this character, such as his alteration in status. After the death of his sister, he has been witnessing feelings of sadness and stress, due to trying to solve the mystery alone . It also symbolises how Timothy now views himself as a low character , linking to his low self of steam after Susan’s death. Timothy’s casual clothing symbolises how he does not care about himself, as he is too busy with solving the mystery, presenting his high love for his sister.

Susan - Colours :

Susan - Colours Cream - The colour cream has connotations with understated beauty , presenting Susan to be selfless and comforting. Cream also is a warm colour , which symbolises her warm heart and positive character . This colour is very close to white, which is associated with innocence and purity, linking to her character type of being a traditional victim. . Green - A connotations with green is nature and health . Hence, this presents Susan to be a natural and simplistic character . This colour also implies that she is a regular and healthy women , which contrasts to later in the trailer to her death Purple - The colour purple can be considered an artificial colour , which contrasts to Susan’s previous natural and understated colours . Therefore, purple is used to create a negative atmosphere . Physiologically, purple is known to cause frustration . This frustration links to Tim’s frustration later in the film as he is trying to figure out what happened to Susan. Brown - The colour brown is a very natural and warm colour. This symbolises Susan’s warm and positive character , as well as her natural, simplistic and relatable character .

Susan - Props:

Susan - Props Blue Ball - When Susan is a child in Timothy’s flashback, she is seen to be playing with a small blue ball. This prop symbolises and exaggerates Susan’s youthful innocence. and vulnerability. This causes the audience to emphathise with Susan, due to her death, and Timothy, as he has to live with the regret and pain. Earphones - Earphones were used for Susan to symbolise her innocence and vulnerability . The function of earphones allows the user to listen to music. This means they are slightly less aware of their surroundings , as they can not hear what is going on around them as much. We decided to include earphones for Susan as this prop symbolise her vulnerability as she can not defend herself, as well as how she is oblivious and unaware of the dark danger ahead of her.

Susan - Costumes:

Susan - Costumes Leather Jacket – This item foreshadows Susan negative death , due to the dark colour and the harsh and rough material of leather. Jumper – Susan’s jumper has connotations with warmth and softness . This therefore symbolises Susan’s warm heart , making her appear likeable . Skirt - A skirt was used as they are rather feminine , therefore enhancing upon Susan’s femininity and innocent character. Skirts have connotations with vulnerability , symbolising her vulnerable and innocent manner, foreshadowing negative future events. Hoodie – This particular clothing piece has connotations with youth , empathising Susan’s young character and how she should not have died, causing the audience to empathise with her.

Brian Smith – Colours and Costumes:

Brian Smith – Colours and Costumes Formal clothing - Brian, our detective, is presented to be wearing formal clothing , similarly to Timothy. This was done to represent Brian as a superior and powerful character . However, as Brian is only shown from behind and in extreme close ups, he appears to be more mysterious compared to Timothy. Thus making Brian appear to be more powerful in comparison to Timothy. Shirt – Brian’s shirt symbolises his powerful nature, due to his high authority . Also, it links to how he views himself to be powerful, and to have a higher authority over Timothy. T rousers - This character is also dressed in black formal trousers. This was done to symbolise his professional character, linking to his high authority and his power of Timothy. This foreshadows later negative events, as Brian is presented to have more power than Timothy, foreshadowing an evil event to come. Black clothing - The connotations of the colour black are evil and negativity , thus enabling the audience to make clear connections between Brian as being the antagonist. Black also is associated with power , representing Brian’s powerful character due to this authority as well as his character’s superior state of mind. This colour also creates a mysterious atmosphere and symbolises Brian to be sinister and evil.

Brian Smith - Props:

Brian Smith - Props Handcuffs - Handcuffs have connotations with violence , and so we decided to include them, to foreshadow later violent events within the trailer. It also links to the crime aspect of the production, presenting later action. This prop is also a signifier of Brian’s emotions of anger and hatred towards Timothy, as he believes he is the murderer , which develops the plot of the film. Detective Phone - This prop is a signifier of his disguise to the audience also, as the phone makes him appear innocent and average . This contrasts to the negative representation of him, as he follows Timothy. Thus, surprising the audience, as well as creating the impression that his intentions are evil .

Agnes - colours:

Agnes - colours Brown – The colour brown is quite a natural and soft colour, therefore symbolising Agnes’ presented soft character. This links to her presented positive character. Grey – The colour of Agnes’ head scarf is a light grey. Grey is once again a mixture of white and black , which have two contrasting connotations of good and evil. The colour grey symbolises the audience’s confliction of her character, on whether they believe her to be a good or evil character.

Agnes - Costumes:

Agnes - Costumes Traditional Clothing - Agnes wears stereotypical elderly clothing, expected of her age, despite her true powerful and unique character. We decided to do so as it adds depth to her character. The audience do not expect anything of this innocently portrayed elderly lady, and so when they discover that she is the one to had given Tim the ability to time travel, they are surprised and astonished. Coat - Agnes is also dressed in a large coat. To match the stereotype of the elderly being cold and needing warmth, Agnes is dressed in a large and warm coat . This coat has connotations with warmth. This could symbolise that Agnes is a warm hearted character. On the other hand, her wearing a coat could symbolise that she requires warmth. She may, therefore, require warmth in order to make her appear positive, when really she is cold hearted . Head Scarf – A head scarf is a traditional piece of elderly clothing expected of this age. Agnes wears a head scarf to make her character appear mysterious and slightly negative . The headscarf means that the audience can not fully see her face, making her mysterious , and sl ightly sinister in appearance.

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