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Teaser vs Theatrical Trailer Research:

Jodie Goodacre Teaser vs Theatrical Trailer Research


Trailers The purpose of trailers are to attract the audience to their full feature film, as the trailer promotes the film. Trailers include various shots from the full film, including the more exciting sections, in order to attract the audience to their film. A trailer can either have the form of a teaser trailer or a theatrical trailer . Both of these structures are effective , yet rather different .

Teaser trailer:

Teaser trailer The purpose of a teaser trailer is to tease the potential target audience into watching the full film when released. A teaser trailer is a trailer which is usually created before the film production is complete. Due to the limited amount of footage, the producers will then incorporate whatever the can into the teaser trailer. Therefore meaning that the teaser trailers will consequently be shorter , being roughly a minute and a half in length. This type of trailer does not give too much away to the audience, due to the little footage and production progress. The audience can not learn too much about the film with the worry of them not desiring to watch the full production, therefore creating mystery .

Theatrical trailer:

Theatrical trailer This type of trailer is rather different, as it is created when the production is almost finished , meaning it will have a larger amount of footage included from the film. They are usually released closer to the film release date. The theatrical trailers will include more scenes and footage , however it will also not give away the ending or too much of the film, in order to tempt the audience into watching the full production. Producers will usually later create a theatrical trailer after their teaser trailer as well, as it will include more depth and detail for the target audience.

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