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Poster Research:

Poster Research Jodie Goodacre

Why Film Posters are Important::

Many producers will create a film poster for their production. This form of promotion is rather effective, as it visually lays out the conventions of the film for the audience to see. Posters allow the audience to identify the characters and actors within the film, as well as the theme and genre of the production. This allows the audience to decide whether they would want to watch the full or film, depending on how the poster portrays the film. If the poster looks effective and interesting, then the viewer will more likely want to see the film, which presents how important the poster is. In order to create an effective and interesting poster of our own, we decided to analyse various film posters which revolve around the same film genre as ours. Why Film Posters are Important:

Poster Analysis – Sherlock Holmes:

Poster Analysis – Sherlock Holmes This film is of the mystery genre, and since our production is a mystery also, we decided to further study and analyse the poster for the film “Sherlock Holmes”. The audience can also see the protagonist clearly as his face is turned towards the viewer but at a slight angle. The lighting is slightly high key and clear on his face, making him stand out to the viewer. The prop of the gun suggests to the theme of action , presenting it to be exciting. The background consists of shades of blue , presenting a dark atmosphere , which links to the theme of mystery. The graphology of the film title consists of large and bold capital letter in a silver colour. Thus, making the title stand out to the audience. The line “A Game of Shadows” creates a connotation of negativity , from “shadows”. Although, describing this as a “game” links to the protagonist’s fun and humorous character. This poster consists of a large image of the protagonist, which covers most of the page. This presents to the audience that this character is important to this production. Also, the release date is in bold red at the bottom of the poster, which is clear for the viewer to identify. This poster include the main actors name , allowing the audience to recognize this actor as well as to be introduced to him, meaning they will be more familiar with the film. What we could use: -I liked the use of the main character as the subject of the poster, drawing the attention to this character. -The slogan “A Game of Shadows” is also an interesting aspect, and we could include a small and quick line on our poster. -I also like the colours scheme of the poster. The blue tones of the location, the dark clothing and white and red writing all create an exciting atmosphere as well as an attractive poster .

Poster Analysis – Alice in Wonderland:

Poster Analysis – Alice in Wonderland Secondly, we decided to look into detail at a fantasy genre film poster, to also link to our own film genre. CGI is incorporated in the creation of the cartoon white rabbit. This links to the fantasy genre within the film, as well as the distorted version of this classic children's story. Mise en scene is used, including the girls large blue dress. The pale blue symbolises clarity and calmness , which contrasts to the colourful and fantasy like location in the background. The blue dress symbolises the original young Disney character of “Alice”, linking this original character to this new character clearly. The colours of blue and green link to nature , and the focus on this unique landscape , and how this fantasy film is set in a unique and new world, interesting the audience. The only use of writing on the trailer is the title of the film, which is wrote in a unique white font. The white links to the innocence of the girl. The harsh font links to the negativity within the film as well as the distortion, showing how this film is not as innocent and childlike as the original classic tale. The curled trees creates a unique and interesting atmosphere. They contrast to the normality of the pink roses , overall presenting that this film is set in a unique and abnormal new world, linking to the well known fantasy world of “Wonderland” Within this poster, there is a girl, who is almost in the centre of the poster. She is easy to identify , meaning she has importance to the film. What we could use: -The girl is the subject of the poster yet she is quite far away , meaning she is rather mysterious . We could incorporate this idea in our poster by making a character mysterious by positioning them to be in the background. -The harsh lined font is effective as it creates a negative atmosphere, which we could create within our poster. The mise en scene of the slight low key lighting presents this film to be slightly negative and mysterious.

Poster Analysis – Flight plan:

Poster Analysis – Flight plan Next we decided to analyse the poster for the film “Flight plan” as this is a mystery genre film, just like our film. The warm lighting on the woman’s face allows the audience to focus on her character, showing her importance within the film. The warm lighting has connotations with positivity , presenting her warm hearted character , which links to her motherly character. The subject is a close up of a woman’s head. She is shown to be scared and confused , which presents how this film will include elements of confusion , linking to the mystery genre of the film. The main actor’s name is at the top of the poster in white lettering , which is clear for the audience to see and read. The actors name is used to attract the audience to the film based on the actors within the film. Editing is used to create a blurred background. T he blurred plane lights conveys the main character’s disorientated situation , and how what she goes through within the film is a blur . Graphology is also used to create the film title. The bold writing of “Flightplan” is written In capital lettering, which makes a clear and bold title for the audience to see. The writing is in a blue glowing colour , which links to the lights on a aeroplane , which links to the location within the film. A tafine is also incorporated. This develop the plot for the audience, showing that someone “took everything” from this character. The rhetorical question implants this idea in their head, allowing them to empathise with the character and remember the film. Billing block is incorporated at the bottom, such as the company logos and names of those involved. What we could use: -The close up of the main character draws the attention fully to her, which we could include. -I liked the use of the rhetorical question as it allows the audience to put themselves in the character’s situation , as well as allowing the audience to remember the question and therefore the film.

Poster Analysis – The Time Traveler’s Wife:

Poster Analysis – The Time Traveler’s Wife Our next film poster that we wanted to focus on was the poster for “The Time Traveler’s Wife”. We analysed this film as it links to our own production due to the common factors of the fantasy genre and time travel element . What we could use: -The use of editing to make part of the character appear transparent is an interesting effect , which we could incorporate to represent our interpretation of time travel. -Also, I liked the use of the blurred lights in the background to create a subtle yet interesting background. The male character is seen to be looking away from the viewer. This makes him appear to be mysterious as the audience can not see his features easily. The main subject of the poster are the two characters. The woman is seen to be looking right at the viewer. This forces the audience to focus on the woman, presenting her importance. Editing is used to make the right side of the male character slightly transparent . This makes the character looks as if he will disappear , linking to his time traveling ability. The film title is in a sophisticated white font . The font type links to the style of the Roman numerals which are on a clock, linking to the theme of time . The sideways view of the two character’s creates the impression of how their lives are turned upside down within the film. Blurred orange and purple colours are used in the background. These contrasting colours represent the positive and negative emotions within the film, as orange is a warm colour and purple symbolises the cold. The positioning of the characters presents to the audience the characters close relationship and bond. Mise en scene is included, such as the use of warm lighting . This presents the character’s in a positive light, conveying them to be positive. Also, the release date is included in the poster. It is in small white writing in the corner, making it easy for the audience to spot, yet not distracting enough from the subject of the characters . Extra information of the film is included, such as the company logos, actors, producers etc.

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