Rough Cut Survey- Responses and Actions- Part 1

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Rough Cut Survey – Responses and Actions :

Jodie Goodacre Rough Cut Survey – Responses and Actions

Our Rough Cut Survey:

Our Rough Cut Survey We decided to create this rough cut survey so that we could gain some feedback on our rough cut trailer, in order for us to identify the areas or which need improving and what areas work well. For each question on our survey we have gone through and stated what actions we will take to meet our audience feedback.

1. What would you rate this trailer out of 10? :

1. What would you rate this trailer out of 10? We asked this question as we wanted to identify what our audience though of our trailer overall. Out of 10, the average mark was 6. This means that our trailer is working okay, however there is still room for improvement. This improvements could be for many elements, such as music, editing and fragmentation. Ratings on average: 6

2. What do you think the story line of this trailer is? :

2. What do you think the story line of this trailer is? There were many different answers for this question, although here are some of the more common ones: - “A girl went missing” - “someone was murdered” 5 out of the 18 people thought that a girl (Susan) went missing in our trailer. Although, we were trying to present how Susan was murdered. This means that in order to improve we must make it more clear that Susan died and is not missing. We could do this by adding voice overs which will explain the plot a little more. This include Timothy stating “I’m going to fin Susan’s killer”, which would therefore show how Susan was dead, as well as presenting how this is a mystery genre film. On the other hand, 4 out of 18 people thought that “someone was murdered”. This is the correct story line, however we will continue to inject more of which will make the story line more clear, included voice overs.

3. What is the genre of this trailer?:

3. What is the genre of this trailer? Responses: 5 = Mystery 5 = Thriller 4 = Crime 3 = Action 1 = Fantasy For this third question, we wanted to see if our audience could recognise the genre of this trailer. 5 out of 18 said that they thought it was a mystery genre film. Therefore, we can identify that our trailer includes mystery elements to appear as a mystery to some viewers. However, by adding in more voice overs of Timothy, such as him saying how he wants to find Susan’s killer, the voice overs should then create a more a mystery tone. If Timothy says how he wants “find” the killer, then this would imply that a journey will take place

4. How much would you rate the music out of 10 so far? :

4. How much would you rate the music out of 10 so far? Here we wanted to identify how our music sounded to our audience and their opinions. Due to how we are still in the process of creating our trailer, our music has not been developed fully. Since our average rating is 4.5 for music, we will be sure to focus on this element and improve upon it. For our full trailer, we will be sure to include more layers of music, to add depth to our production and make it appear more realistic. This can include layers of violins, drums etc. Ratings on average: 4.5

5. How can we improve upon the music?:

5. How can we improve upon the music? Lastly, we received many different responses for this question, including how we should add: - “drums” - “layering” of music pieces The element of drums would be an interesting music piece, as it would mould the music together. The drum could add an exciting tone to the music, which could match certain sequences, including when Brian is following Timothy mysteriously, as well as when Timothy watches as Susan disappears from site. I would also like to layer our music. This means that there will not just be one instrument of loop on a sequence. If there are a layers of music, then this would create more interesting pieces for our audience, and thus a more realistic and enjoyable trailer. We could layer violins with drums and organs to create a mysterious and slightly negative tone.

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