Rushes – Responses and Actions

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Rushes – Responses and Actions :

Rushes – Responses and Actions Jodie Goodacre

Audience Feedback:

Audience Feedback Whilst producing our film trailer, we decided to show sections of our film to the audience, to gain their personal feedback and what they think of our sequences so far. We showed the audience three main sections of our trailer, including a sequence from the beginning, middle and end.


Beginning: When we presented our beginning sequence to our audience, they gave us feedback, by telling us their personal thoughts. Some stated that they found the beginning sequence of Susan being attacked “mysterious”. As it is not clear who is being attacked or who is attacking, the audience begin to wonder what is occurring and why this is happening. Some said that they liked our use of contrasting atmospheres, as we opened with the negative sequence of Susan being attacked, contrasting to the next sequence of Timothy being visited by his sister, and his clear happy face. Therefore we will include these sequences within our full trailer, to create a mysterious tone.


Middle: One of the other sequences we showed our audience was the middle section, where Timothy is discussing how he saw Susan in the park after her death, but she disappeared before he could get to her. The audience found the use of editing here “interesting” as Susan mysteriously disappeared despite her being dead, attracting the audience to our film. As the audience found this section of our trailer interesting, we will continue to add it to our final film.


End: Finally, we presented our end sequence montage to our audience. This sequence was described as “exciting” and “realistic”. This means that the audience found our end sequence to be enjoyable to watch, as well and appearing realistic. It was also described to had “built tension”, which was the aim of this final sequence. The shot montage created tension, which is a common convention used in real film trailers.

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