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Lighting Research:

Lighting Research Jodie Goodacre

Why is lighting important?:

Why is lighting important? The use of lighting has a large impact on sequences in film. This section of mise en scene allows the producers to create numerous atmospheres through prepared and edited lighting effects. Lighting is responsible for the process of making the audience experience various feelings, as well understanding the character’s emotions . Therefore, I wanted to do research on this aspect, allowing me to widen my knowledge of lighting terminology, methods and the affects they create.

High key lighting:

High key lighting High key lighting is a popular lighting type used in cinematic history. This particular lighting brightens the sequences, making the characters, location and props become clearer to the audience. By making the sequence brighter, the producer is creating a positive atmosphere , due to the connotation of positivity from brightness. However, it could also create other connotations . An example of this is shown within the film “ The Book Thief ”. High key lighting is used within a rather positive sequences, showing the characters with a clear feeling of enlightenment and joy . Therefore, the bright lighting conveys the character’s inner emotions , clearly emphasising their feelings of happiness for the audienc e to see. Therefore, I could use high key lighting within my trailer to signify the happiness of a character’s feelings. I could use this lighting within the positive sequences, including Timothy’s flashback of Susan in the past. This would fully emphasis the happiness she experienced in her childhood with Timothy, showing how close their relationship was and exaggerating Susan’s innocence before being aware of the negativity within reality..

High key lighting:

High key lighting On the contrary, high key lighting can be used to make a negative atmosphere . As seen within “ The Butterfly Room ”, high key lighting is incorporated within eerie scenes , including an extreme close up of the antagonist and a dead butterfly. These sequences both create a negative atmosphere due to the uncomfort that the audience experiences from the extreme close ups. The high key lighting makes the shots brighter and clearer , therefore confusing the audience as well as adding to the uncomfortable atmosphere, as they would usually associate high key lighting with happiness, which highly contrasts to these shots. This overall adds to the sinister and eerie atmosphere. This means that the high key lighting within the flashback could also create a negative atmosphere. The happy atmosphere also signifies and emphasises Timothy’s emotional state. He has just lost his sister, and so is experiencing feelings of guilt as he suffers his loss. This happy flashback highly contrasts to Timothy’s negative current situation, also creating an eerie and depressing atmosphere , making the audience to empathise with him.

Low key lighting:

Low key lighting Another lighting type used frequently within films is low key lighting . This makes sequences and shots appear darker . Low key lighting is used to make traditional negative atmospheres . A film which uses a large amount of low key lighting is in “ Sleepy Hallow ”. This is a mystery genre film, and a common convention of mystery films is low key lighting. This low key lighting creates shadows within the sequences, adding to the negative atmosphere and sinister storyline. Th e darkness has negative connotations , due to how the shadows signify the eerie story and antagonist within the film. As our production is of a mystery genre, we should include examples of low key lighting, as it will link to the common conventions of a mystery genre film, and it will also create negative atmospheres. We could use low key lighting on the sequences of which Timothy time travels. This lighting will foreshadow the negativity of what is about to occur to Timothy.


Backlighting Backlighting is when the subject is illuminated from a certain angle . This creates an interesting effect for various atmospheres. As seen within the image, the subject is illuminated from above . This lighting highlights her face, making everything around her and her figure seem dark and negative due to the low key lighting surrounding her. Her face is the only thing illuminated, making her appear to be a positive and innocent character , due to the positive connotations of light. I could include a similar use of backlighting within my trailer. This type of lighting creates an intense shot , due to the high contrast between low and high key lighting. I could use this type of lighting within a close up of one of the characters, including Agnes in order to present her to be a negative and sinister character, due to the harsh and contrasting lighting on her.

Under Lighting :

Under Lighting Under lighting is another example of lighting used within film. This particular lighting casts shadows on the face, creating a mixture of light and dark areas , and therefore an eerie atmosphere , and so this type of lighting is a common aspect used in films which consist of the horror genre . Within this image, under lighting is included to create an interesting effect. The combination of light and dark tones creates an eerie atmosphere overall, due to high contrast and unusual positioning of the light source. We could include a similar effect within our own production, in order to create an eerie tone , such as the concluding shot of our trailer. This effect could be included on the shot of Agnes whe n she says “all will be revealed in time”, as this will be the only shot will include Agnes individually . This under lighting will create shadows on her face, making her appear to be a negative and eerie character due to how the audience will struggle to see her facial features clearly, making her appear mysterious

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