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Music research of composers and styles :

Music research of composers and styles Jodie G oodacre

Music used in Trailers::

Music used in Trailers: Trailer music is the music used in the background of film trailers . The purpose of this music is to perfectly compliment the film and to excite and interest the audience, drawing them in to the film and making them want to see it on release. Music is an important component in trailer production as it is the strong element which causes the audience to feel various emotions as they are introduced to the new characters and world within this story. As trailers are created usually after the film is created, a trailer will incorporate music from other sources, including from other successful films, popular songs or composer’s work. Many music composers take part in the production of film trailers, all of which have their own styles.

Hans Zimmer - facts:

Hans Zimmer - facts Hans Zimmer, German born composer, is known as one of Hollywood's most innovative musical talents . The German born composer started off working with Stanley Myers (popular composer). He later began working on his own solo film music productions, which included the critically acclaimed “ A World Apart ”. Zimmer is known to combine the work of old and traditional pieces with modern musical technologies , making him a popular and unique music composer. Examples of Film Songs Created: `Dream is Collapsing` - Inception `Red Warrior` - The Last Samurai ` Gotham’s Reckoning` - The Dark Knight Rises

Hans Zimmer - “01 - Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest” :

Hans Zimmer - “01 - Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ” Information – Hans Zimmer’s music production to the film `Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest` included various components . He incorporated many instruments and sounds for each individual character within the film, thus creating an interesting orchestral piece Analysis – Zimmer uses a large orchestra for this piece, including many string instruments , such as various violins . The use of the fast paced violins adds to the traditional music associated with pirates through history, clearly allowing the audience to distinguish the connection. This piece included a variety of high and low pitched sections , creating both a positive and triumphant piece, as well as warning the audience of the danger and excitement within the film through the low pitched music . Overall, this piece includes elements of heroic and triumphant moods , which could be linked to the heroic characters and fantasy genre of the film. Inspiration for our Trailer – Zimmer’s orchestral piece includes many elements of strong and empowering instruments, linking to the fantasy genre . Therefore, we could include various instruments into our trailer, such as violins , to produce an exciting piece , which would link to our genre of fantasy.

Hans Zimmer – `Discombobulate` - `Sherlock Holmes` :

Hans Zimmer – `Discombobulate` - `Sherlock Holmes ` Information – Zimmer’s next piece named “ Discombobulate ” is within the film and trailer of “ Sherlock Holmes ”. This film is of the mystery genre , which is portrayed within Zimmer’s music piece. Analysis – Zimmer’s up beat piece includes various instruments, including the use of a banjo , cimbalom , squeaky violins , a broken pub piano and other unconventional instruments . These unique components are all combined to produce an exciting and unique piece. The element of the banjo adds a quirky and fun atmosphere , which links to the comedy theme of the film, as well as Holmes’ fun and likeable character . Also, the broken piano and fast paced low pitch violins adds an element of excitement yet danger , which links to the mystery within the film. Inspiration for our Trailer – Overall, this unique piece includes elements of individuality and excitement . We could include elements of a distorted low pitch piano or violins within our trailer to create a mysterious yet exciting atmosphere .

James newton horner - facts:

James newton horner - facts James Newton Howard is an American composer , conductor , music producer and musician . Throughout his career, he has composed music for over 100 films of different genres , earning multiple award nominations for his work. He is the recipient of a Grammy Award, Emmy Award, and eight Academy Award nominations. Horner is known for composing his work in fairly short amount of time , including his production for `King Kong` and `The Hunger Games` which mealy took a month to finish. Examples of Film Songs created: `The Hanging Tree` - The Hunger Games `Head Towards the Animals` - King Kong `Eptesicus` - Batman Begins

James Newton Horner – The Village (mystery) :

J ames Newton Horner – The Village ( mystery) Information – Horner composed the soundtrack for the film “ The Village ”. He included many instruments and created various atmospheres, consequently making the film be nominated for the Academy Award for `Best Original Score`. Analysis – Horner uses a collection of high pitched violins to create a soft and gentle atmosphere, incorporated with high key piano keys. The gentle atmosphere links to the soft yet oblivious characters who live surrounded by lies, linking to the mystery genre . This piece becomes slower in speed , with soft lower key violins , creating a slightly more eerie and negative tone , contrasting to the first half. Thus, the combination of high and low key instruments could represent the positive nature of the characters, who are surrounded by negativity and mystery. Inspiration for our Trailer – Horner’s orchestral piece clearly links to the mystery genre of the film, by including positive and negative tones to the music. For our trailer, we could include high pitched violins as Horner does, to create a positive atmosphere , linking to the life style of our protagonist before the recognition of his ability. With this, we could incorporate lower pitched sounds to foreshadow later events of the trailer.

John Williams - facts:

John Williams - facts John Towner Williams is an American composer , conductor , and pianist. Throughout the last 60 years, Williams has composed some of the most popular and recognisable film soundtracks and songs in cinematic history. He also became the Boston Pops Orchestra's principal conductor from 1980-93 and is now known as the orchestra's conductor laureate . With his 49 Academy Award nominations, Williams is now the second most nominated individual. Examples of Film Songs created: `Hymn to the Fallen` - Saving Private Ryan `Far From Home` – E.T. Theme Song - Jaws

John Williams – `Mischief Managed!` - `Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban` :

John Williams – `Mischief Managed !` - `Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban` Information – Williams is known for composing the first three Harry Potter films, including ` Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban `. For his efforts, Williams won a Grammy and Oscar nominations for the soundtrack. Analysis – Willams uses a collection of instruments , pitches and speeds to create an enchanting and unique piece . Violins are frequently used throughout, including low pitch violins to create a distinctive and magical tune. Williams combines low pitched and high pitched violins in a varying paced sequence to create an up beat and exciting atmosphere , linking to the genre of fantasy within the film. Low pitched war drums are included to create a slight negative tone , which links to the theme of drama and action within the film. In conclusion, Williams incorporates various pitches and paces using mainly strong instruments , drums and harps to produce am enchanting and magical piece , clearly linking to the theme of fantasy Inspiration for our Trailer – I liked Williams use of high volume war drums, as they surprise the audience due to how they contrast to the previous use of soft violins . If we were to incorporate the drums, they would link to the negative aspects of the film, including when our protagonist suffers from pain from time travel, clearly showing the character’s change in emotions .

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