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Costumes - Research:

Costumes - Research Jodie Goodacre


Analysis: The main characters in the film `Exam` are dressed in formal suits and professional wear at the beginning of the trailer. This makes them appear as superior and powerful characters due to their professional persona . However, as the trailer continues, we are shown that these characters soon become the weak victims , contrasting to their costumes. White, the character in the images, starts off wearing a smart suit , although as the group become stressed and frantic, he removes his tie , rolls up his sleeves and unbuttons his top button. Thus making him appear less smart , showing how his superior character has altered into a weak and inferior character. In addition to this, the slight alteration in his costume presents how his status has decreased . The white of his shirt has connotations with purity , which contrasts with his sinister character as later presented. Therefore, our protagonist could be dressed in smart attire , which would contrast with his weak and upset character later in the film. Inspiration for our production : I decided to analyse this character’s costume as it links to our protagonist’s smart shirt and trousers, which will contrast to his weaker character , linking to White’s costume . Also, as this sinister character is dressed in white, we could take the opportunity to dress one of our characters in white, to make them appear pure and innocent , contrasting to their evil character . This would keep the audience guessing as to who our antagonist is, later concluding in a traditional plot twist . White - Exam


Analysis: Susie is a young victim within the film “The Lovely Bones”. Her costume is of bright and cheerful colours , which reflects her positive and happy character . The colours used are primary colours , which emphasises her youth and innocence , causing the audience to empathise with her death more. Her coat is of a deep blue , which has connotations of sadness , which links to her tragic murder , loyalty , linking to her love of her family she has left behind, and serenity and calmness , which she will eventually feel after death. She also wears a deep red jumper , which has connotations with passion , showing her love of her family and her hatred towards her murderer. Red also has connotations with violence , foreshadowing her death and the pain her family will experience. Her hand made woollen hat was created by her mother. The producers chose her to wear this as it causes the audience to empathise with her death due to her youthful innocence and her close bond between her and her family.. Inspiration for our Production: This character relates to our character of Susan, as she too is the victim within our production that has a tragic death . Susan will be viewed as the traditional victim , and so we wanted to make the audience empathise with her character, and so we will enhance upon her innocence . We could do so by using bright colours , as seen in The Lovely Bones. However, we could make Susan wear certain colours, as Susie does, to project different meanings and atmospheres, such as wearing red to foreshadow her death, or white to emphasis her innocence . Susie Salmon – The Lovely Bones


Analysis: Agent Smith is the antagonist within the film “The Matrix ”. He wears a formal suit throughout the film, making him appear to be intelligent , powerful , superior and one of a high position . He is constantly dressed in black . The colour black has connotations of mystery , evil and negativity . Producers would have dressed him in this dark colour to cause the audience to develop a negative first impression of him, instantly associating him as the antagonist . This colour also emphasises his negative and evil character , matching his negative and sinister actions in the film. Agent Smith is also known to wear his conical sunglasses . These glasses are an important aspect of his costume, as it does not allow the audience to see his eyes, which are the window the soul. As well as adding to his mysterious character , it could additionally show how he does not, metaphorically, have a soul as he is so evil , also due to how he is not human , therefore like a machine . Thus, showing how this character does not have human emotions. Inspiration for our Production: This character links to our character of the detective within our film as we were going to dress him in formal clothes , to link to his authority and power . However, the Detective could be dressed in black , as this would present him to the audience to be a mysterious and evil character , making him appear to be sinister and possibly the antagonist . Although, this contrasts to his true and just character, once again surprising the audience later in the film when they discover the truth. Agent Smith - Matrix


Analysis : Irene Adler is well known female character within the films of “Sherlock Holmes”. One of her costumes include a long Victorian dress . This costume type links to the time period in which the film was set, as well as presenting the character’s feminine and high status , due the luxurious looking dress. The colours of the dress is an important factor within her costume, as the colour red has connotations with passion . This presents that she is a passionate character, with her passion for thieving and wealth . The colour red also conveys that she is a slight sinister character, as red has connotations with violence . It also emphasises her femininity , red links to love and power , also conveying her powerful character , and her desire for power . Inspiration for our production: I decided to analyse this character’s costume, as she slightly links to our antagonist , Jane. Jane is a powerful and feminine individual and we wanted to portray this through her clothing. Therefore, we could dress Jane in a red piece of clothing, which would convey her passionate and powerful character, as well as slightly foreshadowing her violent future events of murdering Susan. In conclusion, the colour red would be an appropriate colour for Jane to subtly portray her character, and to hint at her hidden sinister side . Irene Adler – Sherlock Holmes


Analysis : This next costume comes from the character of Miss Shepherd from “The Lady in the Van”. This elderly women is dressed in rather stereotypical clothing expected of her age . She wears a headscarf and coat , which links to her. stereotypically, vulnerable persona . It also presents her desire for comfort and warmth . She is dressed in quite neutral colours , including creams and beige. These duller colours have connotations with softness , linking to her age, as well as normality , which contrasts to her anti stereotypical character. Miss Shepherd is a fun and comedic character , which could contrast to her stereotype of being vulnerable and weak . In the second image, she is dressed in bold and bright colours of electric blue and yellow, which presents her fun and unique character . Inspiration for our production: Overall, this character’s costume both links to Agnes’ stereotypical character , of wearing neutral and comforting clothes, as well as presenting her anti stereotypical and unique character, as seen through the use of her bold and bright colours . For our elderly character, of Agnes, we could dress in her stereotypical clothing, such as a coat and headscarf. However, Miss Shepherd and Agnes are both unique characters . Agnes is the character who enables Tim to time travel , showing her unique and interesting character, and so we want her to be dressed in stereotypical clothing, to present her as vulnerable and weak , which will contrast to her abnormal character . Miss Shepherd – The Lady in the Van

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