Props Survey – Responses and Actions

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Props Survey – Responses and Actions:

Props Survey – Responses and Actions

Our Survey:

Our Survey I have decided to take a survey revolving around the subject of props asking 20 people for their responses. The questions were asking which props they would expect to see in a trailer and which ones they would prefer. This was done in order to gain the audience’s opinions and expectations so that our trailer will be suited to their thoughts. Here, I have discussed the responses and the actions we will take now to satisfy the audience.


Our first question asked which prop the audience will be expected to view in a mystery genre film. Out of the options of `detective board`, `a notebook` and a `trash bin`, 85% of the responders thought that a detective board would be the prop that would be stereotypically viewed in a mystery genre film. A `note book` was picked by the other 15% of people, and so we may decide to include a note book into our trailer where appropriate, but we shall defiantly ensure to use a detective board at some point in our trailer to match the audience’s opinions.


As the time travel is a large aspect to our trailer, we decided to ask our audience which prop would best fit the theme of time travel in their opinion. As 90% of the respondents thought that a watch would be the best prop, we shall fulfil this and incorporate a watch into our trailer, to symbolise time travel.


For our next question, we asked if the audience associate newspapers with positive or negative news. 85% of the respondents thought that newspapers were more associated with negative news. Since more people think this, we will incorporate a newspaper article in our trailer that signifies the death of our female character Susan. By doing this, we will surprise the 15% of respondents as they may not have expected this negative news. Therefore, this may cause them to sympathise with Susan and Tim more, due to the surprising negative news.


This next question was asked as we wanted to identify our audience’s opinion of which prop they best think represents a child's happiness. Due to how 90% of respondents picked a ball, we shall ensure to use a prop of a ball to exaggerate and symbolise a child's happiness. The ball will be incorporated in the flashback scene with Tim and Susan as young children, as Tim reminisces of their past happy relationship.


For the negative scene of Tim grieving over Susan’s death, we wanted to discover what the audience would feel is the best prop to use, to emphasis his sadness. As 80% of people said that a photograph would be the best signifier to use, we shall ensure to incorporate a photograph of Tim and Susan when they were younger, to emphasis Tim’s emotions of sadness and loss.


To emphasis the negative atmosphere of Tim grieving over Susan, we wanted to use specific symbolises within the location of Tim grieving to exaggerate the negative mood of the sequence. 95% of people asked thought that small candles would emphasis the negative atmosphere best. This means that we shall use some small candles as a prop to symbolise Tim’s negative emotions. Also, the use of the small candles will create an interesting lighting effect, as it will create a contrast between the dark shadows of the room and light areas near the candles, adding to the eerie mood well.


By asking if the audience associate street lamps with a positive or negative atmosphere, we gained some varied responses. 65% people believed that they create a negative atmosphere whereas 35% thought positive. Since more people responded with negative, we shall incorporate the street lamps into a negative sequence. However since 35% of people believed positive, then by making the street lamp seem negative, we will be creating a more negative atmosphere. By adding them to am eerie sequence, we will be challenging the stereotype of street lamps, and that they are created to help others see their way in the dark.


Our last question was asking others what they would associate board pins with. Board pins are usually used for detective boards, and so 90% of respondents picked mystery. However, we had the idea of using a board pin to create a negative sequence. The detective could have, out of anger and being driven by the belief that Tim is the killer, stabbed a board pin into a picture of Tim. This create a violent atmosphere, presenting the detective in a negative light.

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