How to prepare furniture for moving


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One of the most troublesome aspect of house removals is the need to move heavy furniture from your current home to your new place.


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How to prepare furniture for moving

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Moving represents a challenging task which will put all of your skills to the test. It is no wonder why many people consider this to be one of the most difficult situations to deal with in life. Perhaps the most troublesome aspect of home relocation is the need to move heavy furniture from your current home to your new one. There are plenty of other tasks you also have to deal with but this one in particular takes a certain approach and in most cases help from a specialised man and a van team to complete. If you wish to be successful in your efforts follow the steps outlined below: - Clean your furniture - even if you think that cleaning your furniture before the move is a waste of time since you will likely do it when the whole thing is over it is actually an important first step which you should not skip. The logic behind this is that debris and dust on your furniture can leave scratches during the removal process even if you take safety measures and wrap the pieces in protective material. Besides if you are thorough in your efforts to clean and then preserve the items with protective gear you might be spared the need to clean the furniture once it gets to your new home. - Measure furniture and doorways - before you do anything else take a moment to measure the dimensions of your furniture and all the doorways it will have to go through. That will give you a clear idea if there is need to dismantle furniture or it can perhaps slip through in one piece. Often times you will be able to move your furniture without taking it apart which can save you a ton of effort. Generally that is preferable if the furniture piece is not too heavy and the chance for it getting damaged on the moving van during transportation is small. - Prepare to dismantle - if some furniture items need to dismantled you need to have the right tools for the job. It is important to use proper tools else you risk damaging your furniture. What you also need to prepare are packing materials for the dismantled legs tabletops handles and any piece that is too fragile to be put in a box. Furniture blankets and packing tape can help you preserve such items to a great extent. - Dismantle furniture - dismantling may take you a lot of time but it is important to do it properly least you make a mistake. The best strategy is to consult an owner’s manual and follow the instructions there on how to dismantle correctly. Aim to remove couch and table legs door handles and bed frames. If you are worried that assembling these parts later might be difficult use a marker and masking tape to note the correct place of each piece. This can help you a great deal when you need to assemble your furniture later on.

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- Ensure small parts don’t get lost - one of the main problems of dismantling furniture is that you are left with many little parts which can easily get lost during transportation. After all you are likely moving a ton of other things as well. For this reason it is a good idea to keep all of the small pieces in sealed plastic bags taped to the furniture they belong to. That way they will be kept safe and sound. You can also keep all of the bags with items in a single box but don’t forget to label them so that you know what furniture item the contents belong to once the home removal is done. - Pack all you can - use the opportunity to put all cushions pillows and covers in bags which can serve as a cushioning material for other items. Properly packing these items ensures they don’t get dirty during transportation. - Use bubble wrap and furniture pads - in order to protect your furniture you should use bubble wrap for keeping small pieces safe and furniture pads in order to minimise the risk of rips and scratches. You can also use cardboard cuts taped to the corners of furniture as usually that is the area of them most often bumped and damaged during relocation. There are many details you need to address when moving furniture but you can manage the job with enough time and a strategic approach. Devote enough time and attention to this task and you will manage it right.

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