PCI Compliance Costs if you Integrated after January 2011


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for TransFirst Merchants Jennifer Guy:

for TransFirst Merchants Jennifer Guy PCI Compliance Explained Costs

It’s All Very Simple:

It’s All Very Simple Scan and Questionnaire Penalties Optional Breach Coverage


Compliance101.com ControlScan is the third party company TransFirst has hired to take care of the PCI Compliance Questionnaires and Scans for their merchants. www.Compliance101.com / pci is their website. Click “Get Started” and enter your Merchant ID Scan and Questionnaire

Compliance Costs:

Compliance Costs Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) & Scan Annual fee: $75.20, Installments of: $18.80 You are already paying for this on your statement. They report to Transfirst that you are compliant Help: if you call them, they can help you with any questions you don’t understand. They will walk you through each step if you need it.

Ahem,… Penalties:

Ahem,… Penalties Penalties If you do not take the actions to become compliant, you will be charged $10.00 per quarter as a penalty.

Breach Coverage:

Breach Coverage Breach Coverage: You can purchase optional Breach Coverage if you would like be covered up to $100,000. Cost: $6.95 per month charged on your statement. To get it, call me and I’ll set that up. http://www.compliance101.com/data-breach-protection/ This link will take you to the page with all the details. Optional Breach Coverage

Thank you:

Thank you Jennifer Guy 609-921-3139 www.Compliance101.com/PCI Help Desk: 1-800-571-3928

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