Slip and Fall Accidents

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Slip and Fall Accidents:

Slip and Fall Accidents A presentation by Jewell Radimisis Jorge LL.P.

About Slip & Fall Injury Cases:

About Slip & Fall Injury Cases Slip and fall accidents can happen virtually anywhere, from stairways to parking lots. When a property owner fails to provide the proper upkeep, it can put visitors in danger. While you may adamantly believe that your injury was caused by negligence , this is not enough to win your case. You must also provide compelling evidence and proof that they are at fault for your slip and fall incident.

Proving Liability:

Proving Liability To hold a property owner responsible, you need to prove that: Owner of the premises was aware or should have reasonably been aware of the hazard Owner of the premises failed to make appropriate adjustments to prevent injury You acted in a reasonable and expected manner when the injury occurred

Do You Always Have a Case?:

Do You Always Have a Case? Even if an owner was aware of a hazard and didn’t make any changes, if you were acting recklessly or negligently on the property, you could compromise your claim. For example, if you were not using common sense when the slip and fall occurred, it could be ruled that you contributed to or fully caused your injuries and therefore cannot be compensated.

We Handle Slip & Fall Cases:

We Handle Slip & Fall Cases At Jewell Radimisis Jorge LL.P., we have secured favorable outcomes for countless clients. No matter how complicated matters may seem, you can trust that out team can help you secure the most favorable outcomes possible. In addition, if you do not obtain compensation, you do not owe us anything. Visit our site for more information.

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