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Vape Juice Flavors for Ex-Smokers Transitioning to E-Cigarettes If you’ve ever tried quitting cigarettes by switching to nicotine gum you know how unfulfilling that stuff is. Although your body is still getting nicotine you sure don’t feel like you’ve got your fix. That’s probably why e-cigarettes have become such a popular tool for quitting smoking. Unlike nicotine gums and patches vaping on an e-cigarette is enjoyable for ex-smokers since it provides a comparable sensation to puffing on a cigarette. It’s remarkably similar you head outside put your nicotine delivery device to your lips inhale get your nicotine and exhale. The main difference is that you have about a billion flavors availed to you when you vape which you definitely didn’t when you smoked. Here are three vape juice flavors for ex-smokers that will remind you why you should never smoke again. Cigar E-juice When you smoked cigarettes you smoked what 10 a day 20 a day You probably would’ve gone broke if you had switched to cigars. However now that you’re a vaper you can get that cigar taste all day long and not feel it hit your bank account. Our Cigar e-juice is a rich and robust flavor that’s as good as the real thing but costs only a fraction of the money. Yet another reason why vaping has smoking beat Fruit Tobacco E-Juice Can you imagine if smoking cigarettes had left your mouth tasting fruity You probably never would’ve quit We’ve got three fruit options: Blueberry Cherry and Peach and all three are out of this world. Perfected so that the fruit tones come in clear and strong without overwhelming the

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tobacco taste our selection of fruit and tobacco e-juices will give you the satisfaction smoking never could. Butterscotch Tobacco E-Juice Ever tried to smoke a cigarette while you eat a candy Yeah we haven’t either but it probably tastes disgusting. Thankfully now that you’re a vaper you can know what it’s like to taste candy while your body takes in nicotine. Our butterscotch tobacco e-juice features a rich warm butterscotch flavor mixed with the strong taste of premium tobacco. Yum We’ve got 19 tobacco blends in all so feel free to browse and find the e-liquid that’s right for you. And remember now that you’re not a smoker you’re not limited to the taste of tobacco. You can vape fruit dessert or even nut flavors. Check out all of our flavors here.

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