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Here are some Tips For IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam 2017. Read what the experts have to say to boost your preparation strategy to ace the exam!


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Important Suggestions for Competitive Exam Preparation :

Important Suggestions for Competitive Exam Preparation

Introduction :

Introduction Everyone appearing for competitive exam will be looking out to clear it with good marks. Studying just the books will not suffice to clear this highly competitive industry. Attending nay god book training in Chennai can equip you with the tips and tricks that can benefit you in the exam. Also , the time management in bank coaching session will help you with strategies to manage time judiciously during the exam. Listed below are some of the important suggestions to prepare for your competitive exams:


INITIAL STUDY PLAN Initially create a study plan which includes a timetable with sufficient time for study, practice and leisure as well. Leisure time is equally important as study time in relieve yourselves from unwanted pressure. This not only relaxes you physically but also enhances your concentration levels. In your time tables, allocate less time for easy subjects and more on the once you are weak at. Also, make sure revise the subjects at the end of the day and practice mock test at weekends. Joining any bank training in Chennai can help you in this aspect.

Read Newspaper :

Read Newspaper Make it a habit to read newspaper everyday as it helps you build vocabulary. The more you read, the better understanding you get of using the right words at right location.


STANDARD BOOKS Stick to one standard book rather than referring to too many books for individual subjects . Referring too many books can end up in confusion and eats up lot of your time during revision. It is recommended to go through the book given from your IBPS exam coaching institute as the content of those books will be customized ones for competitive exams.


QUICK REFERENCES As and when you go through important formulas and procedures, make a note of it on a large sheet of paper. You can then paste it next to your study table for quick references and even frequent glances can help you memorize them easily.


PREVIOUS PAPERS With nearly 15 or 20 days left for the exam, start working on previous year question papers. Work on it seriously as if you are attempting the main exam. Previous papers give you an idea of type questions that can be asked for the final exam. This can help in enhancing your time management as well. Even at the IBPS exam coaching institutes, you will be made to take mock tests on previous papers.


HAVE A STRATEGY Never start the exam with the first question if you are not confident in that topic. If it is the last question of the last section that you are good at, go for it. Attempting the question that you are good at not only saves your time but also gives you the confidence to answer the rest at a better pace. You can go for the tougher ones after attempting the essay section.


STAY HEALTHY Stay healthy and fresh both physically and mentally . Proper exercise and sleep is all that you need to keep yourselves fresh and fit. Also, practicing the mock tests at same time everyday as mentioned in your exam admit card will tune your mind to stay super active at that time of your day. This will be helpful during your actual exam day.

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