How to Increase Ecommerce Sales with Instagram


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Instagram declared that it has around 700 million clients and is not less well-known than Facebook or Twitter. At that point what makes Instagram such a successful stage and how might it be utilized to enhance the eCommerce deals? Credit:


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How to Increase E commerce Sales with Instagram   ?


Social media has now become a powerful tool for marketing your business. It is the best possible option if you want to reach out a large number of audiences, improve the customer engagement and boost your sales. It should be one of your marketing strategies to use social media to grab your potential clients. And among these media, Instagram is one suitable platform to market your business and  increase ecommerce sales .  Around 700 million monthly users till April 2017 The statement that 62% of Instagram users follow a brand on Instagram just because they like it. Started in the year 2010, Instagram has now grown to a well-connected social network


1. HIGH PICTURE QUALITY: As Instagram is majorly involved with pictures, it is very important that you post them with utmost attention. Posting relevant and good quality pictures, without faking them will definitely drive the attention of the audience towards your products. The image size and image caption are also to be taken care of while posting them.  Recommended size of the images is 1080 x 1080 pixels; thumbnail of the picture should be 161 x 161 pixels


2. RESPOND TO THE USER COMMENTS : Interaction with the users is also a recommended. By doing so, you make the customers believe that you are a brand that doesn’t look only for profits but you actually care about individual customer satisfaction. It might be a compliment for which you would thank the user, or it might be a small query about the availability of product which you will be answering; though you don’t have to respond to each and every comment. Liking the comments would also suffice in some cases This would help in improving the brand loyalty of the customer.


3. USE HASHTAGS TO INCREASE YOUR DISCOVERABILITY : The usage of more number of hashtags might give a cluttered look to your posts that might not appeal your followers. The hashtag concept also helps you in reaching out your target audience. Share your Instagram posts to Facebook, the hashtags also get copied thus making it suitable for the audience to find your product through Facebook’s graph search. Thus, appropriate hashtag usage is necessary to get better results.


4. POST USER-GENERATED CONTENT: Referral marketing is yet another productive way of improving e-commerce sales.  Encourage your product buyers to review the product and post the same on their accounts. Seek their permission to share their post on your account, by doing so you are inspiring other users to have a look at your products and make a decision to buy.  Including user-generated content brings out more interest among the users as they get to know about the product not from a seller point of view, but from a customer (who already bought the product) point of view.


5. CONTESTS AND GIVE-AWAY ALERTS: Contests and giveaways also can help increase the conversions. Offering discounts on your products and giving away free products by running campaigns would help increase the customer engagement. See that you run such contests after you make relevant posts about them and make the customers aware of them.  It is better to associate the contest with a hashtag.




7. POST AT THE PERFECT TIME: There might not be an exact time when you have to post on Instagram, but various studies say that Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the days which experience more user engagement. While this may or may not work for your business, but try practising this for few days and check out the results. If this works, you may thank me later ! These are the best strategies of “ how to increase eCommerce sales ” ? Instagram eCommerce strategy  can give better results if the above practices are followed.

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