What to Know about Blepharitis Treatment

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What to Know about Blepharitis Treatment :

What to Know about Blepharitis Treatment

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Dry eyes could indicate several possible problems. One such problem is Blepharitis , which may be secondary to certain eye infections or other related conditions.   Types of Blepharitis   ● Anterior Blepharitis is characterized by issues with the eyelid itself. ● Posterior Blepharitis is present when there are problems with the glands within the eye.

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These two overarching types of Blepharitis come in several forms. They can be present together to different degrees depending on the manifestation of the illness. Pink eye can occur with anterior blepharitis . There are also other possible causes for either manifestation of this eye condition. Certain aspects of these illnesses are less known in the medical community, but treatment does exist.   Treatment of Blepharitis   If determined to be chronic, treatment of this condition largely centers around cleansing agents for the eye. Treatment is likely to be ongoing. A hygiene regimen will be implemented with the possibility of adding oral or topical medication.

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Additional Nutrition Information   Nutritional advice for treatment of blepharitis can include ingesting fatty acids such as omega 3. These substances can be helpful in aiding the eye to properly lubricate, which is particularly helpful for posterior blepharitis .   Conclusion : Finding Treatment   If blepharitis is suspected, getting it treated is important. For more information on being tested and treated for blepharitis treatment in El Cajon, click here .

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