Jess Laccetti ENGL102 By scott robertson

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I’m 17 years old. I’m Alice.

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This is Edmonton Alberta This is Where I live. I don’t Mind it here.....

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....only when it’s not cold These help.

Slide 4: 

My whole world changed when my Dad made me meet Bradley.

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He proposed to me after six months. Naturally, Dad and Mom disapproved. So we moved... This feels like I’m venturing into the unknown. But I’ve got Brad and he has me.

Slide 6: 

Except, I didn’t move with my Mom and Dad. This is hard on me and Brad.

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This is my new home now.... ... I like my life MORE... Bradley gets to work on his acting career, and I get my dog. Her name is Guinness, she’s amazing. STILL. I can’t help it, I miss my old home. One day I’ll return.

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