Oriental Rugs How To Identify Authentic rugs

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Watch this presentation to learn how to identify authentic handmade Oriental and Persian rugs.


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How to Identify Handmade Oriental Rugs:

How to Identify Handmade Oriental Rugs By Jessica Allan

Identifying a Rug:

Identifying a Rug You may come across an Oriental rug at a sale, auction, or you may inherit it You want to know if it is genuine You want to know it’s worth You want to know it’s history How old is it? Where was it made?

Real or Fake?:

Real or Fake? Hand Made Machine Made

Check for a Tag!:

Check for a Tag! Made in Iran, India, Pakistan, or Afghanistan? Karastan , Couristan ?

Does it feel Real?:

Does it feel Real? Run your fingers and nails across the back of the rug Does it feel hard, or like plastic? It’s probably machine made

Is it a little too perfect?:

Is it a little too perfect? Hand Made Machine Made

Thank you!:

Thank you! If you have questions about identifying your rug or appraising it, please use our contact information below or call your local Oriental rug dealer! info@lesniakorientalrugs.com Shop handmade Oriental rugs online at LesniakOrientalRugs.com

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