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Growing Garden Preschool The Growing Garden Preschool is a place where young children discover creative and nurturing experiences. Our Preschool fosters a life-long quest and love for learning building a strong foundation for social emotional academic physical and spiritual growth. We are the only Jewish Preschool in the South Bay that is Reggio Emilia inspired.

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Classrooms Our classrooms are large bright warm and natural. The walls are decorated solely with our ch il dr en’ s creative work documenting their learning experiences and interactions with their environment. Each classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art learning materials a full functioning ch il dr en’ s kitchen and c h il dr en’ s library filled with beautiful books allowing the children to learn and develop through their own curiosity and interactions with their environment. Manhattan Beach preschool

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Outdoor Environment Our interactive outdoor equipment creates a space where children can climb slide imagine and socialize. Our outdoor music center is a wonderful place for our children to play and compose music. We bring our indoor classroom outside so that our children can enjoy reading art and building all while being inspired by our sunny California weather. Redondo Beach preschool

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Curriculum – Parent Involvement Children teachers and parents are all partners in the education and child development at the Growing Garden. It is important to us at the Growing Garden for parents to be both actively involved in their c h ildr en ’ s development as well as being constantly informed of their c h ildr en ’ s progress in learning and development. Hermosa Beach preschool

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Summer Camp Growing Garden Each summer our preschool is open for our Camp Growing Garden. The camp is for children from 3 months through 4 years of age. For children 5 years and older we have a separate Camp Gan Israel at the same campus. Here are some of the activities your child will enjoy at Camp Growing Garden:- - Water Days - Special Visitors - Cooking - Shabbat Spirit Days El Segundo preschool

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CONTACT INFORMATION:- Address: 2108 Vail Ave Redondo Beach CA 90278 Tel.310-214-4999 E-mail: infogrowinggardenpreschool.com For more information please visit our website:- www.growinggardenpreschool.com

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