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Visit this site for more information on bladder tanks. Bladder tanks are light in weight and are thus easy to move, and do not give off the unpleasant smell of plastic. In areas with limited access, they are easily installed. They come in various sizes to suit various stump widths. Bladder water tanks may be self-supporting using no frame. Follow Us :


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bladder tanks:

bladder tanks Bladder tanks were initially used by the military but, today, they are most often used in operations around the world for storing fuel, water and chemicals.  Typical clients include mining, oil and gas exploration companies, remote construction companies, helicopter operators and disaster relief operations. 

Plastic Jerry Can:

Plastic Jerry Can The Scepter Military Fuel Canister (MFC) was developed by Scepter to meet design and performance requirements set by the U.S. Army and Canadian Forces for leak-proof, rugged, safe, dependable and cost-effective plastic jerry canisters. Scepter has produced and delivered over one million MFCs.

Plastic Jerry Cans:

Plastic Jerry Cans The large cap, the strap, the pouring spout and the breather cap are injection- moulded and fabricated from low-density polyethylene. The screw-cap is locked in the tightened position by means of a tab on the cap and strap assembly. Superimposed on the large cap is the small pouring spout, with its own cap, as well as the small breather cap assembly. 

Tridentech Trading:

Tridentech Trading Vehicle and other OEM defense contractors can design equipment with carrying fixtures and brackets that are uniformly designed because of the standardized dimensions of the fuel canisters (and the Scepter water canisters).

Bladder Tanks:

For more information visit our website: Bladder Tanks

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