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How sleep affects the brain : 

How sleep affects the brain By: Jeremy Werner

Sleep Deprived Individuals : 

Sleep Deprived Individuals People that have lack of sleep tend to have a shorter attention span, impaired memory, and a longer reaction time. Lack of sleep causes thinking processes to slow down which makes it harder to focus and pay attention. Lack of sleep slows down reaction time. It has been stated that driving sleepy is like driving while drinking.

Memory : 

Memory People remember more of what they were taught with at least 8 hours of sleep rather than 6 or 7 hours. Lack of sleep for a short period of time can enhance memory for some tasks. Long-term memory is affected most by lack of sleep.

Everyday life : 

Everyday life Sleep is a main part of how people maintain their health, deal with stress, and how they deal with their everyday relationships with others. Lack of sleep compromises the body’s immune system and affects metabolism 50% of people are less likely to pass a simple memory test because of lack of sleep.

Benefits of sleep : 

Benefits of sleep ▪ Improves texture of skin ▪ Improves health ▪ Activates the immune system ▪ Increases physical health ▪ Improves memory ▪ Helps the attention span ▪ Slows down the aging process and helps you live longer

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