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Operational Exposure Guidance for Low Level Radiological Exposure in Military Operations: 

Operational Exposure Guidance for Low Level Radiological Exposure in Military Operations Unclassified Information Brief 2LT William Bosley


Introduction Traditional Operational Exposure Guidance Nuclear Weapons Exchange Immediate Survivability/Employment of Troops All radiation has some harmful effects G13


Nuclear Weapons Events are Highly Unlikely G13 Environment During Military Operations

Environment During Military Operations: 

Environment During Military Operations Government no longer effective


Soldiers must deal with radioactive materials Environment During Military Operations

Operational Exposure Guidance (OEG) : 

Operational Exposure Guidance (OEG) Allowable radiation exposure for a mission Set by the commander Importance of mission determines acceptable risk Method to control radiation exposure Allow Commanders to Select course of action Select unit for mission

Low Level Radiation Exposures: 

Low Level Radiation Exposures Hazards from low level radiation are long-term, not acute effects Every exposure increases risk of cancer Heightened public fears seen in many forums

Standard Doctrine May Not Be Applicable: 

Standard Doctrine May Not Be Applicable RES 0 No Exposure RES 1 0-70 cGy (70 rad) RES 2 70-150 cGy (150 rad) RES 3 >150 cGy (150 rad) 14 x US Occupational Limit Soldier’s exposure will be much lower than levels that will cause immediate effects

Low Level Radiation Guidance: 

Low Level Radiation Guidance The Allied Command Europe (ACE) issued directive 80-63 to address LLR New RES States Appropriate LLR radiation protection practices In 2000 the NATO produced STANAG 2473 Mirrored ACE Directive 80-63 US military publications JP3-11, TG 244, TG 236A, and FM 4-02.283 all provide guidance as listed in ACE directive 80-63


Risks Associated with Exposure


Risks Associated with Exposure


Risks Associated with Exposure

Risks Associated with Exposure: 

Risks Associated with Exposure

Current LLR Exposure Policy: 

Current LLR Exposure Policy Units exposed to LLR must have appropriate equipment Exposures will be maintained ALARA Records must be maintained Units will consult with experts


References ACE Directive 80-63, ACE Policy for Defensive Measures against Low Level Radiological Hazards during Military Operations, 2 AUG 96 AR 11-9, The Army Radiation Program, 28 MAY 99 FM 4-02.283, Treatment of Nuclear and Radiological Casualties, 20 DEC 01 JP 3-11, Joint Doctrine for Operations in NBC Environments, 11 JUL 00 NATO STANAG 2473, Command Guidance on Low Level Radiation Exposure in Military Operations, 3 MAY 00 USACHPPM TG 244, The NBC Battle Book, AUG 02


Conclusion Introduction Environment During Military Operations Operational Exposure Guidance Determination and Uses Low Level Radiation Exposure Guidance Risks associated with LLR exposure References


Contact 2LT William Bosley Comm 706-787-4692 DSN 773-4692 Fax 706-787-3427 DSN 773-3427 Email: William.Bosley@US.Army.Mil Questions

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