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Japan’s actions on Environment and Health : 

Japan’s actions on Environment and Health Takeshi Sekiya Ministry of the Environment, Japan August 8, 2007 1

Plans on Environment and Health: 

Plans on Environment and Health The Basic Environment Plan (BEP) White paper on Environment White paper on Health, Labor and Welfare Decided by the Cabinet Revised on a regular and systematic basis (BEP: once in a 5yrs, White papers: every yr ) Many other national plans for individual issues (e.g. the fundamental plan for establishing sound material-cycle society) 2


Gives an outline of comprehensive and long-term measures relating to environmental conservation. The 1st plan was drawn up in 1994 Revised once in 5yrs. The 3rd version of the plan was decided by the cabinet on April in 2006. The 3rd version consists of 10 policy programs in priority fields including sound material cycle society, good air environment and reduce environmental risks from chemical substances . The Basic Environment Plan 3


Annual report on the environment To inform citizens on the current state of environment, and environmental policy measures (the paper includes measures taken and to be taken) White Paper on Environment 4


Establish “21st Century Environmental Nation Strategy” (decided by the cabinet on June, 2007) This strategy include 8 Strategies to be Implemented as Priorities in next 1 or 2 years, which contain. Recent National Action-1 5


   A Sound Material-Cycle Society A Low-Carbon Society    A Society in Harmony with Nature Reduce greenhouse gas emissions drastically Enjoy and pass on nature’s blessings A Sustainable Society Coexist in harmony with the Earth’s ecosystems and bring about an economic society that enjoys sustainable growth and development Create a sound material cycle by using the 3Rs Climate change and ecosystems Climate change and energy/resources Ecosystems and environmental load “21st Century Environmental Nation Strategy” - State of the Global Environment and Key Challenges - 6


Contributions to the development and prosperity of Asia and the world Bring forth from the environment both economic growth and invigorated local communities through a wide range of actors in society working together, with Japan’s strengths as a driving force Japan as a leading environmental nation Cutting-edge environmental and energy-related technologies Experiences in having overcome severe pollution Abundant human resources for environmental protection Knowledge and tradition of living in harmony with nature “21st Century Environmental Nation Strategy” - Becoming a Leading Environmental Nation for better World - 7


“21st Century Environmental Nation Strategy” - Eight Strategies to be Implemented as Priorities in next 1 or 2 years - Strategy 1: International Leadership to Overcome the Climate Change Problem Strategy 2: Conservation of Biodiversity for the Sustainable Use of Nature's Blessings for the Current Generation and Generations to come Strategy 3: Creation of Sustainable Material Cycles through the 3Rs Strategy 4: International Cooperation Utilizing the Experience and Knowledge Derived from Having Overcome Pollution Strategy 5: Economic Growth Centered on Environmental and Energy-related Technologies Strategy 6: Creation of Vibrant Local Communities that Utilize the Blessings of Nature Strategy 7: Educating People to Feel for the Environment, Think for the Environment, and Act for the Environment Strategy 8: Creating a System to Support a "Leadimg Environmental Nation" 8


(Proposal 1): Long-term strategy for reducing the world's overall greenhouse (Proposal 2): Mid-term strategy and its implementation  Principle 1: All major emitters must participate, thus moving beyond the Kyoto Protocol, leading to global reduction of emissions  Principle 2: The framework must have flexibility and diversity, taking into consideration the circumstances of individual countries  Principle 3: The framework must achieve compatibility between environmental protection and economic growth by utilizing energy conservation and other technologies. (Proposal 3): Measures to ensure Japan’s achievement of its Kyoto Protocol target, including the launch of a national campaign 10 Recent National Action-2 Invitation to “Cool Earth 50”


【Current Emissions】 【2050年】 Mid-term strategy 3 principles in designing a concrete framework beyond 2013 Long-term strategy (~2050) ●Innovative Technology Development ●Building a Low Carbon Society 9 1. U.S.A. 22% 2. China 18% 3. Russia 6% 4. Japan 5% 5. India 4% Recent National Action-2 “Invitation to Cool Earth 50” National campaign For achieving Japan’s Kyoto Protocol target Cutting global emissions by half from the current level

International Action: 

International Action 3R Knowledge Hub EANET (Acid Deposition Monitoring Network in East Asia) APN (Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research ) WEPA (Water Environment Partnership in Asia ) SAICM (Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management ) 11

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