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Wintop Capital in a healthcare fund in Singapore with an objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation through investments in healthcare sector.


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DISCLAIMER Any informaon contained within this presentaon should not be deemed to constute investment advice and should not be relied upon as the basis for a decision to enter into a transacon or as the basis for any financial or investment decision. Investors should always seek professional advice in regard to the suitability of any investment. Wintop Capital Pte. Ltd. accepts no liability for any losses or consequenal loss incurred by investors acng upon any informaon contained within this presentaon. The value of investments and the income arising from them can decrease as well as increase and are not guaranteed which means that an investor may not get back what they invested. Changes in exchange rates may also cause an investment to fluctuate in value. Levels of taxaons depend on an investors individual circumstances and the value of any applicable tax reliefs.

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Insaable Demand Balanced Strategy Superior Return High Mission Core Competencies Insaable demand for more and beer healthcare products and services in Asia whose populaon is increasingly affluent and rapidly ageing at the same me. There is also a polical and social urgency in most Asian countries to provide at least a minimum level of healthcare coverage to their cizens. Wintop Healthcare Fund WHF seek to invest in investees who contribute to the creaon of a more efficient and effecve healthcare system with a greater emphasis on prevenon and well- being to improve general health and quality of life. WHF’s investment strategy is to have a balanced porolio of investments – 40 in technology and RD driven companies and 60 in operang healthcare enes that are already generang a cash flow. Wintop’s investment team possesses three core competencies – domain knowledge China/Japan connecon and capital market experience – which enables it to find those investees and grow them to success. WHF is well- posioned to deliver a superior annual return of 20 p.a. 1 2 3 4 5

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HEALTHCARE: A DYNAMIC SECTOR WITH ATTRACTIVE GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES Global healthcare spending 9.3 trillion projected 2018 2.2 trillion In ASIA Rise of Asia Asia is now the most excing part of the world for healthcare businesses with ageing demographics and rapidly rising incomes across the region. Affluent Lifestyle Affluence in Asia has led to surge in chronic ailments like diabetes and coronary diseases and growing demand for healthcare including prevenve and well- being healthcare. Healthcare Reform Driven need to control healthcare cost and to provide beer coverage the healthcare system is also undergoing radical reforms which provide abundant opportunies for innovave firms. Wide Spectrum Healthcare offers range of investments from defensive mature cash generang assets clinic chains established pharmacies to aggressive targets such as small cap biotech or drug discovery companies that potenally offer mulplier returns. Cross-Border Interest Asian healthcare companies are gaining confidence and have increasingly seek to expand across the region to build scale and widen scope of operaons. Global healthcare spending expected to accelerate at average rate of 5 growth p.a to 9.3 trillion in 2018 approx 24 2.2 trillion from Asia World industry outlook: Healthcare and pharmaceucals The Economist Intelligence Unit May 2014

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INVESTMENT STRATEGY – A BALANCED PORTFOLIO RD Sector VALUE Medical Services Sector VALUE Approximately 40 of capital to be deployed in medical technologies bioscience and research and development intensive companies “RD Sector” including the following sub-sectors: •  Drug development •  Innovave medical devices and equipment •  Healthcare supplements and natural remedies Approximately 60 of capital to be deployed in consumer-centric medical services sectors “Medical Services Sector” including the following sub-sectors: •  Pharmaceucal producon and distribuon •  Hospital clinics and pharmacy chains •  Healthcare services that support the healthcare system

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INVESTMENT PROCESS Risk Focus Superior risk-adjusted consistent returns of 20 p.a. with strong emphasis on risk rather than simply capvated by huge potenal returns. Value Invesng WHF focuses on companies that possess strong management and sound business model and seeks to add value through financial discipline operaonal and strategic guidance . Co-investment Co-opt credible co-investors for validaon risk migaon access to a larger resource base to support the growth of investee companies. Diversificaon Diversificaon of risk by not invesng of more than 15 of total fund in any project. Cross-Border Arbitrage Undertake cross border investments to take advantage of valuaon arbitrage and to encourage investee companies to capture scale and scope economies and best pracces know- how. Porolio Synergy Porolio objecve is to build a porolio of companies that have synergy among themselves and contribute to the success of the whole.

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CORE COMPETENCIES Capital Market Experience China Connecon Domain Knowledge Leong Mun Wai Over 30 years of investment banking experience: •  Instrumental in the successful inial public offerings IPOs of over 100 companies in SGX HKSE and other Asian bourses. •  Managing Director of a leading Singapore stockbroking company. •  Fund management experience with a sovereign wealth fund. Malda Tan Over 30 years of investment banking experience : •  Held senior banking posion with NM Rothschild Sons Spore Jakarta. •  Board and Investment commiee member of Aventures 1 Fund focusing primarily on healthcare industry. He Li Min President of Zhejiang Zonebanner Jiuzhou Group a conglomerate in China with businesses in pharmaceucals tradional Chinese medicines chemicals logiscs and property. Zonebanner is controlling shareholder of a Shanghai-listed pharmaceucal company. He is instrumental in pulling in a panel of medical experts to provide specialist advice to the Fund. Simon Sun Over 40 years of experience in the petrochemical chemical and pharmaceucal industry. Held senior execuve posions in global chemical companies in the US Europe and Japan. Dr Hwang Chi Looi Over 40 years of RD management and consulng experience in global pharmaceucal companies and their Chinese joint ventures. Senior Regulatory Scienst of the Singapore’s Health Science Authority. Dr Gu Zi Qiang Over 25 years working experiences in pharmaceucal industry including 15 years with US FDA regulaons guidance procedures in the area of Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls CMC and Current Good Manufacturing Pracce CGMP.

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INVESTMENT STRATEGY + CORE COMPETENCIES = SUPERIOR RETURNS Beer Investee Quality Stronger Bargaining Power Capital Markets Experience Domain Knowledge China Connecon Bigger Expert Network SUPERIOR RETURNS

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CONFIRMED DEAL PIPELINE Drug for Periodons •  The investee is a UK based and the management team comprised of ex-senior execuves from Novars Pharmaceucals. •  Reposioning of an exisng drug compound for treatment of a prevalent dental disease and prevent tooth loss. •  Esmated market size to be about USD2bn currently but growing because of ageing populaon and greater awareness of good dental health. •  Exit through sale to large pharma aer compleon of phase 2 trials in two years. •  Expected annual return is over 30 p.a.

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CONFIRMED DEAL PIPELINE Clinic Chain •  Operang a Singapore based clinic chain in medi-aesthecs dental ophthalmology wellness and specialist clinics. •  Group is currently profitable with posive cash flow of SGD6million. •  Strategy is to for brand building and growth through regional expansion and China partnerships •  Plan to RTO into a SGX listed co in the next 12-24 months to potenally yield 50+ return p.a. thus providing liquidity and exit possibilies.

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FUND TERMSHEET Type Pan-Asia Pharmaceucal Healthcare Fund Target Return More than 20 p.a Launch Date 30 June 2016 Denominaon United States Dollar USD Domicile Singapore Target Fund Size USD 100 million Pre-Closing Date 30 June 2016 First Closing Date 29 September 2016 Final Closing Date 29 June 2017 Minimum Investment USD 500000 US Dollar Five Hundred Thousand Management Fee 2 p.a. on commied capital Performance Fee 20 carried interest Inial Drawdown 40 of commied capital Interest 8 p.a on commied capital aer first closing date Fund Life 5 yrs + 2 yrs from first closing date

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