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Check out these proven search tricks on Google. We offer guaranteed, affordable and best SEO services for various businesses


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Get Instant Answers  Google gives small but useful facilities that sometimes you don’t even need to open any tool from your laptop or desktop.  Yes it will be next to search results or even your browser’s address bar.  Check out these tricks…

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Basic Math Calculation  You can directly enter text calculations like  2 + 34/2 - 5

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Specific Calculator  Scientific calculator  Tip calculator

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Advance Calculator  Trigonometric graphs

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Conversions  first unit to second unit  You can convert currency area speed time energy mass frequency volume many more Best SEO Services Provider

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Travel City information  Find tickets on /flights  Enter city to city and trip.  It will show you all possible flights with ticket rates. Best SEO Services Provider

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Current Time  You can find current time of any country. Best SEO Services Provider

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Distance between 2 cities  You can get the information on distance between two cities.  city to city distance. Best SEO Services Provider

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Drag Drop Searches  Drag an image from your computer or a web page to the search box at https://images.go Best SEO Services Provider

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Google’s Search Tools  The search’s result page contains tools to further narrow down your search. Best SEO Services Provider

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Google’s Search Tools Type of information by specific media types :  All  Images  Videos  More  Search tools Best SEO Services Provider

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Google’s Search Tools You can find extra using “Search Tool” at the last in the menu with any previous menu items. Best SEO Services Provider

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Search Internationally Do you want to use country neutral Google m/ncr Best SEO Services Provider

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Search Operators Placeholder for an unknown keyword Best SEO Services Provider Surround a phrase in double quotes to search for exact matches Use before word to exclude it from search results Search within a range of numbers for ex: 2..5

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