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This PDF provides samples from four books by Jeffrey Lynn Hines to include Life in "Corporate America: 2041", Ninety Miles, The Last Day On The Earth and A Life Far Too Beautiful Life.


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1 FORWARD OMAHA Reading GUIDE 2017 Books by Jeffrey Lynn Hines

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2 A PRESENTATION OF Material Copyrighted by Jeffrey Hines Life in “Corporate America: 2041” Ninety Miles The Last Day On The Earth Published by AmericaStarBooks A Life Far Too Beautiful Published by Author

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3 FORWARD OMAHA Special Valid Jan 2017 to Dec 31 2017 Hello my name is Jeffrey Lynn Hines from Omaha Nebraska. If you order my books through me I will sign your books For you. Take 5 off List Price for One Book Life in “Corporate America: 2041” was 24.95/NOW 23.70 Ninety Miles or The Last Day on The Earth Was 19.98/NOW 18.90 Take 10 off List Price for two Books Life in “Corporate America: 2041 and Ninety Miles OR The Last Day On The Earth Was 44.93/NOW 40.40

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4 Ninety Miles/The Last Day On The Earth Was 39.96/NOW 35.90 ALL THREE BOOKS BUNDLED WAS 64.91. NOW 55.70 FOR NEBRASKA RESIDENTS FLAT POSTAGE/HANDLING: 1 Book 5.00 2 Books 7.00 3 Books 9.00 FOR NON NEBRASKA RESIDENTS Appropriate postage shipping will be based On actual costs Money orders only please reply to:

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5 The Following material is Copyrighted by Jeffrey Lynn Hines Published by AmericaStar Books For additional information concerning Copyrights/use please contact For appearances by contact with the writer Please e-mail Phone: 402-614-3454

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6 Life In “Corporate America: 2041”

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7 Life In "Corporate America: 2041" The year 2041 America has defaulted on her debt California-Nevada-Oregon-Washington-New Hampshire-Vermont-Maine-Texas-Southern Arizona-Southern New Mexico have succeeded from the USA. “Corporate America” exercises its economic domination over the few states left. Florida is claimed by Cuba and the world community is on the edge of a terrible fate What do they do with a “Corporate America” who refuses to listen Will government “For Profit” succeed at the expense of a remnant of the United States and its citizens “Third World America” is profitable for her corporations but for her citizens it’s a day by day existence driven by the necessity to be a “Good Corporate Citizen” or else This story is seen through the eyes of Michael DeMerit and his family who joins the millions of Americans forced to travel city to city looking for work. This is a story about people and how life in “Corporate America” could be This story is too big for the heartland

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8 Dear Friend There is much to tell you since you left the United States of America. Many things have changed since you were a citizen. The Corporation keeps unemployment low as we all work within the corporation’s various divisions. My wife and I are now working too. Next year we both could see our salary increase as we will be eligible for more than the minimum wage of 3.75 an hour. We have recently moved to Brownwood Nebraska not really by choice but we were lucky to find work so quick. Now that the Corporation has lowered wages here to the standards of other third world nations we are turning a solid profit in our trade balance. Profits are very good now and the perks for even middle managers are like what they used to be. Your old boss was rewarded an all-expense paid vacation to Grand Canyon Executive Park. Remember the Grand Canyon. In case you didn’t know the Grand Canyon is now a private resort. The Corporation supplies all our basic needs for cradle to grave including health care and education. The kids like going to school year-round and the dropout rate from High School is zero. That fact probably has something to do with the requirement if you are not in school you will work. Of course we have no Welfare Medicare Medicaid or Social Security recipients like in the old days. Everyone works and once you cannot work you live with your relatives or are put in the retirement communities.

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9 Funny thing though about those retirement communities nobody ever seems to live there very long and of course nobody is allowed to disturb our retired residents. We also have emptied the prisons and deported all the prisoners. Really don’t know where the Corporation deported them to but crime is almost non-existent. Some of our old friends wanted me to tell you hello also. Most of them immigrated to the Republic of Texas. As you remember Texas left the union before the United States was dissolved after the Federal Government defaulted on our national debt. Many of our old friends are also now living in the new Canadian Providence of New England. Many others regret their decision to immigrate to Europe before those countries also declared bankruptcy. But they are all much better off than those who were sentenced to the dissention centers of Corporate America. Dissenters are of course wards of the state and live in the repatriation communities. Some live in Squatter communities without Electricity or services. I have to admit I miss the Internet and the Public Library. It is very hard to find books. The “Corporate Library Authority” does not approve of most books so we have little to read. But it’s a something we really have no choice about. Corporate television is also limited if you have it but at least there are no longer any commercials as the Corporation controls all production of goods and services.

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10 Last week in The Battle for Wisconsin hundreds were imprisoned protesting the new 70 work week. The Corporate Police ended it quickly since the protesters had no weapons to defend themselves. The House and Senate have been replaced by a “National Corporate Board” the President is the Chief Executive Officer now. We have no justice system as it was deemed too expensive but the Corporate Grievance Task Force does settle disputes very quickly and without a need for any lawyers at all. All in all the Corporation is doing many things very efficiently. I do though miss the Democracy we had here in America. I will always wonder how we managed to allow our votes to be swayed by those who promised a better world or all yet convinced us to give up the very rights past generations had fought and died for. Maybe we all should have realized what happening behind the scenes. Perhaps we should Have realized special interest and corporations were becoming more powerful than any of our political parties. When the Supreme Court struck down campaign finance limits profits quickly became the reason all legislation came into existence.

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11 I must finish this note now as the Corporate Postal Service closes at five and is only open on Tuesday. There’s another plus as I don’t miss junk mail at all. But I do miss the freedom we once had here in America. I can only hope the corporate censors allow this note to be delivered to you in Mexico. Your Friend and Lover of Freedom Ernie Life In " Corporate America: 2041” Journal Entry Six Fifty Miles and A Hundred Years I dreaded having to leave another place having lost another job but it seemed that I really had no choice. Now for the first time I was not just writing about unemployed people and families. I was one of them. Much like the day the Lincoln Reporter-Daily news just closed my memory was so clear I could still hear Ernie laugh at my bad jokes. I could still recall how the roar of printing presses came to a hush that day. We had been bought and sold six times from 2011 and 2028.

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12 Each time to justify keeping our jobs we gave up benefits and pay. Paper Traders a firm whose job it was to purchase and consolidate papers more often closed them down across the country. The year was 2016 and The Minimum Wage Reduction Act was approved and signed into Law by President Benjamin Hall to promote growth of Jobs. Sure sounded good as unemployment stood at 12. Overnight thousands of companies reduced their minimum wage to the allowed 5.75 per hour. They also reduced other wages by as much as 15 over-all. I almost quit the Paper but No one had anywhere else to go no one at all If that didn’t kill your budget like it did mine in 2019 The Wage and Production Act eliminated it all together. The ripple became a flood and Millions of Americans suffered the second major housing crisis since 2016. The American non- profit charities could barely keep up with the swelling ranks of the poor dislocated unemployed and hungry. Well here we are I lost my mechanic job at 3.10 and I think I’m driving on US 34 West. You sort of take your life into your hands on these roads. With over twenty years of neglect you can lose a muffler rip open your tires and there is not many towns left on the way. Parts of the roads have become closer to unidentifiable for highways.

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13 The going rate for gas seemed to be about 15.50 a gallon for non-locals so you learn to lie about being local and hope they don’t figure it out. Black market stations can be up to 23.50 a gallon. Even with fewer drivers The Oil World Producers Cartel has reduced production to maintain the highest price it can get. As a traveler you find comfort or services where ever you can on the way. Misch needed to find a place to go to the bathroom. The sign indicated the next town was “Grants City” so we could only hope. We made the turn on the county road and drove the 2 miles hoping praying and expecting almost anything. That’s what we got the town was deserted from the looks a very long time. Misch excused herself as she found a private place to relieve herself. Mellie was crying so I let her out of the car to walk around. When my wife returned I asked “if she wanted to stretch her legs”. Choosing not to she stayed with Freedom in the car. Mellie was so excited to go exploring.

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14 Grants City was like it had been frozen in time Thinking about 2016 maybe. I found a paper with the Headline “Southern Ticket Wins Election” touting how Bill Wilquist of Atlanta Georgia and Lynn Baker of Tulsa Oklahoma had won. The South has risen was the battle cry. The Populist Republican Caucus ran and won and yes they were ready to rule. Before they were through over 20 of America was out of a job and America’s manufacturing was almost nonexistent. Grants City was typical lose your factory lose your school lose your post office and lose it all. Millions of towns like Grants City disappeared off the map in a matter of years. Over there was the local bank and on that corner was a small café. This 1890 town had survived recessions The Great Depression and now it had been stilled a force of Greed and malice that no one could control.

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15 I just had to explore so I took Mellie back to mom. I grabbed my camera and I was off. The Café the Hotel The Grain Elevator even Riffs Main Street Bar and Grill. I was like a child in a candy shop. For the first time in a while my reporter instincts kicked in. I looked in windows opened doors and looked around the town. Somehow though this place Grants City was a living place of history a place haunted by a terrible past Oh what the Change has done to America. I hear you Southern Ticket the South has risen and America has fallen thanks thanks a lot. I managed to get Misch to pop out the stroller and we walked the town of Grants City together the places families once laughed even loved now all it was was now a deserted town in the middle of nowhere. We went on ahead and pulled out some food and had a picnic next to Dalhart’s Variety Store a lovely 1902 building. “I’ve got a crazy ideal dear” I asked my wife. “And what may that be” “Let’s spend the night here it’s not like it’s going to cost us” “Sure why not” she answered. We walked the main street and found The Heathers Hotel a wonderful looking 1923 building. We entered it there and wow it was like it was frozen in time. A great big time capsule back to 2016. It became apparent that we were not the only ones who entered this place.

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16 The ornate marble floor embellished the deep and high lobby. It looked more like a movie set so perfectly sit up. Yet not a single soul was there to say something like “What a nice place”. Not anyone but us. The owner Doug Heathers had left a message pinned to the register book. Slightly faded but still readable. I must close today for six months no one has passed through town there are only 10 of us left in town. Two of those plans on never leaving but to die in their beds in their sleep. In a way I too wish I could but I must leave now. If you enter here be kind be respectful. Do what you must but leave it how you found it. Maybe someday I will return if not you will know I died a happy man. Happy knowing that I have done my best…… DH After his last entry in 2016 there were at least 100 more each with a note a wish a dream or a prayer. We found a room upstairs dusted off the furniture and shook out the dust off the linens. The quaint 10-foot-tall room featured a HUGE grandmother styled bed and fading wallpaper covered the wall. There could be no better place to be no greater honor than to say “Thank you DH your hospitality is wonderful even today”.

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17 That was the message I wrote on the register the next morning. Mellie got in the spirit of things and wanted to leave her favorite dolly “missy” who had a pink sundress. “Daddy” she asked me. “Yes dear” I answered. “Please tell the next people that Missy might be hungry if it’s too long” “Yes dear I will” adding that to the register. Misch standing in the doorway appeared ready to leave and then walked over to the desk laying a picture of our family on the desk. “I want them whoever they are to know we’re in this together” For what was an unexpected overnight stay had now become an engrained memory for all of us. I often wondered if Doug Heathers found what he wanted I guess we’ll never know

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18 Journal Entry Seven American Mart: Home to Millions We finally made it to Grand Island not the “Third City” it used to be. The years had been hard for this town. Dix-Ryder Equipment Company was the official owner and management team for Grand Island. This town was not a Cake walk for anyone as Dix-Ryder almost had to sell Grand Island to fight off an International competitor. Home to about 34000 people and 7 companies there was work here if you didn’t mind working for 1.75 an hour. No one complained you made arrangements that worked. The city had a reputation for being a little friendlier to employees. In fact the company allowed “volunteer “businesses if it did not affect the profit of the company stores. Grand Island was among two lists: The top in growth in Nebraska since the Change and the largest population of the LOWEST paid workers in the United States. Outside Humanitarian organizations compared Grand Island to places in the Third World who were better off. Some of these volunteer Stores were Fronts for the major Mid America Black Market group. Illegal as hell but did it make money millions of dollars off the backs of the poorest of all workers in Nebraska. But it was all there it was all 40-65 costlier more than anywhere else. It was even reported that people would travels hundreds of miles just to get a taste however bitter it may be of what was left of free market capitalism.

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19 Grand Island also boasted the only hospital within 500 miles willing to provide medical care on a barter system. It seemed one third of the town were unemployed one third sick and one third too poor to not work. A small gated neighborhood provided “Middle class to Upper Income accommodations and housing to the qualified” We stopped at JAX store and bought some snacks to eat. I asked the lady behind the counter “Where someone might stay” She seemed to be sizing me up and then offered this advice. “Down the road here two miles used to be an American Mart there’s always space there” she let me know as she was handing Mellie some jelly beans. “Don’t worry bout these came from the food pantry” I thought to myself staying in a store jelly beans from a food pantry is this for real Yes it was. We got in the car drove down the road recognized the Big Box Look the sign or what was left only read Mart. I offered Misch a chance to wait in the car but she was not content with that. So there we walked up me holding Mellie and she holding Freedom. The front was open no glass remained on the store front. We walked in what used to be a door where we were greeted yes greeted. “Welcome my name is Wayne I’m the custodian”

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20 “Hi I’m Mike and this is my family” before I get a word more out he began his speech. “Well we have a family section that would be 10.00 a day or 50.00 a week money up front you get a 10’ by 12’ space with a mattress a chair and a light. Bedding is extra and we do have running water and a shower room. If you smoke you cannot smoke inside the Mart no matter how cold or wet or hot it is outside” like a memorized speech. “We always have patrols to prevent theft and ensure your safety but that’s still up to you.” He showed us to spot 14-1 where the Customer Service counter used to be. In fact our light was the light used by Customer Service. We unloaded our stuff Mellie jumped on the mattress laughing and twisting her hair. Across the aisle in spot 14-2m there was a young black

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21 couple with the cutest little baby. He was at least 6 foot 9 or more he seemed to be filling in a crossword puzzle book. His wife rocked the little boy she seemed to singing softly “sleep sleep worry no more the family is still safe in the store the house may be gone but still don’t you cry Because God sees his children wherever they lie” She laid the sleeping child down and they wondered over and introduced themselves. They explained they were on their way to California “Where the Living is better” and “Food could always be eaten”. They were right The Western States of America had half the unemployment rate twice the jobs but you had to get there first. Reports of families perishing in the bitter cold of winter and dying in the hot deserts were enough to keep California just a dream. “Here your babies can use this” the woman said as she offered a blanket. “I’m not sure don’t you need it” Misch asked here. It seemed like she just made a friend or like she had known her for years. “My babies fine you’ve got two and he and I will keep each other warm.” Reluctantly we accepted the blanket and that night we talked about a lot of things yes we sure did. It must have been about 9 pm bells started ringing and it seemed the place came alive.

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22 They figured out that we didn’t know so they filled us in about the Crossed Eagles Charity. They came every night with food blankets pillows and personal items like soap shampoo and more The ringing got louder as a group of ten or so rather well dressed compared to us anyway came down the Aisle. Chanting “jobs food prayers medicine whatever you need we can find”. Among them were six women 2 men and two teens. Handing out candy and crackers and gum. They paused in front of our spot “What in the world happened next I could have never predicted. Every one of them wore Jewelry or labels all bearing a Road runner with a sheath of grain in its mouth. Oh how beautiful a sight that was what a beautiful animal. They introduced themselves as The Crossed Eagle Charity their mission “To do what others refuse to do”. One of the men handed me a Card that read Michaels-Swifter Personal Services: Jobs Now One of the women gave Misch a small Tester bottle of perfume and Mellie got a Bag of Chocolate candy cubes. The two teens put a clean blanket on the mattress along with two pillows and a Gideon Bible that contained The New Testament and The Psalms. What a moment that was here we were in an American Mart with who knows thousands of destitute poor families and here they come offering hope and that beautiful bird that roadrunner Daniel was right “By God he was right The American Freedom Fighters had arrived”

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23 The next day a small bus pulled up to pick up individuals interested in Day work week work or fulltime jobs. I was there used that bar of soap last night and that cheap razor to shave my face. The buses first stop was at Yoakem Manufacturing they made office chairs. The Driver shouted “Who here knows how to read and write Jobs here for you” well that fitted my description for a job being able to read and write. The group of those who got off was greeted at the door. “My name is Mr. Rogers if you just got to the eight grade please enter in the door to the left of me. If you got to the twelfth grade please enter the door to my right. If you have a college degree follow me.” There I was the lone one with a college degree. Mr. Rogers lead me to a very attractive meeting room. Who knows what kind of rat hole the others were lead to I sort of wondered. Please be seated can you fill this application out. I felt totally at ease telling the truth I had no fear. I finished it handed it to him. He replied “You’re hired” I did not even know what the job was but what the hell that was the easiest interview I’ve ever had. “Pardon me” I asked “You want more money” he replied. “No I just wanted to know what the job was” “Teacher” he answered “These lazy morons we hire are just plain stupid” “Uneducated you mean” I gently asked “Whatever you call it” man can you do it or not” “Sure” “Are you one of Those Mart people” I simply told him I had just arrived in town yesterday.

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24 “Very well then our bus will pick you up at 6 AM and take you back at 8 PM you’ll get 2.05 per hour agreed….” He informed me. “Yes I’m in” I was lead to a large bland classroom and given a lesson plan. Your first class is in 20 minutes but I couldn’t blink so I said “sure bring them on”. I quickly read over the script like text. It must have been written by one of those morons he talked about in the interview. The lesson was learning how to clock in and out and company policies on everything from friendships to getting your paychecks and unionizing. I wonder if any of my students had completed the eighth grade. Within two weeks I could teach anyone anything on a moment’s notice and my supervisors were grateful. They just could not tolerate Stupid people. It was my job to teach them on a range of topics. One week I had to teach a group of the men on personal hygiene about taking showers washing their faces I could not believe it. Over time management took notice of me the students loved my classes production rates just seemed to go up and I was who they gave credit for it. With the companies’ permission I began a “Basic Reading Class’ that they could take on their lunch.

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25 Each night as I went home to spot 14-1 at the American Mart I studied the next day’s lessons threw in a couple jokes but focused on each lessons goal. I noticed that a couple of spots down the aisle were a gentleman with a teenage son. He read books like he was breathing the air. So one night I got my courage up and found my copy of War and Peace. I approached him and as he noticed the book and its title he joked “That would be a great doorstop if this place had doors”. We both laughed and he offered me a seat. He introduced himself as having been a college professor at Northern Michigan College. About ten years ago the governor of Michigan closed the colleges down to save money he was jobless and homeless. He tried to get work with “American Government System Providers” but was turned down because of his education. In addition his wife of 12 years died from pneumonia because he did not have the ability to pay for the doctors’ visit. His employer visited him at the house they were being evicted from to deliver a “Termination Notice” as his wife lay sick and dying on their couch. In our conversation he told me “That he once claimed to be a newspaper writer to avoid being detained in a Dissenters Center”. The smarter you were perceived to be made you more of a possible threat. By claiming to be writer did not make you as much of a threat.

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26 “Let me tell you” I started “I once claimed to be a professor to avoid being fired”. He looked at me with that “You did what look” The two of us just laughed the kind that comes from the inside. I had not laughed so hard for so long. Everyone there must have thought we were crazy but we didn’t care. TEXT OF THE CORPORATE RELIEF ACT OF 2027 THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES AS GRANTED AUTHORITY TO PASS LAWS AS PRESCRIBED BY THE CONSTITUTION HEREBY DECLARES: TAKES LEGISLATIVE ACTION TO RELIEVE ALL CORPORATE ENTITIES OF ALL TAXATION BY ALL GOVERNMENTAL BODIES. THIS INCLUDES THE FEDERAL THE STATE THE COUNTY THE CITY AND THE SCHOOL DISTRICT. NO TAX SHALL BE LEVIED ON CORPORATIONS IN ANY FORM. Signed by President Benjamin Hall

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27 THE ANNE STEVENS STORY: ANGEL OF MERCY Oct 2021 The Franco-Parisian Production Company of Paris France has released in English and French “The Anne Stevens Story: Angel of Mercy. Anne Stevens’s heir to the Stevens family fortune worth Billions of dollars. Her broadcasting and television networks watched by millions in America. In 2019 when medical care was “No longer a business for government” she witnessed for herself a turning point. During an event for newly elected President Wilquist a mother asked him “What about my son who will care for him” as she held a picture of him. Sternly and coldly he replied “Mam it is not the business of the government to take care of your family”. The crowd applauded his answer as shouts of “Pay your Own pay your own” sounded in the room. Anne Stevens a grandmother of an autistic grandchild was horrified. She sought out the president rebuking him “What in the hell were you thinking” he simply stated “I said it before I’ll say it again it is NOT the government’s responsibility to take care of everyone’s family”. That night she and her husband called an acquaintance in the French Business community. They agreed to be become investors in her company she sold half of her company taking

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28 half of that and established the Anne Stevens Foundation for The Disabled and Their Families. The next eight months instead of going to her office she went to the train stations the airports and the bus stations. She watched first hand women handing their husbands with dementia into the care of strangers who took them overseas. These women not only become widows but also destitute. She meets a care provider whom people called Aunt Millie she was helping a young disabled girl at the Airport. Aunt Millie only knew that family members would hopefully meet her charge at the Airport in Atlanta. The Young charge Jeanette was crying tears of fear and anxiety as Millie tried to comfort her. It was time for the flight as Millie could escort her on to the plane after Aunt Millie came back into the Airport Concourse she collapsed on the ground from grief crying loudly only to be comforted by a circle of strangers. With The foundation millions were helped only the Directors know the Amount of money. Some have estimated the foundation spend up to 10 million dollars Anne Stevens pledged that day to make a difference and she did with a vengeance. Many times she’d watch in compassion and then approach the travelers and the family. One day the mother sending her 31-year-old mentally disabled son seemed in distress.

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29 Anne introduced herself the mother who had lost a husband to Cancer was now losing a son. “I don’t have much in fact we’ll have to wait till next month to pay the whole fare”. Anne escorted the mother and the young adult to the ticket gate purchased the tickets for both. Anne Stevens passed away last week in her sleep clutching the picture of her grandbaby. She left her entire estate to her foundation “to care when no one else does” those were her directions. Thanks Anne Stevens we will never forget you AMERICAN CURRENTS: NEWS AND REVIEWS Aug 2035 After nearly ten years of “education Centers “In America and thousands of complaints to The Human Rights Council The United States allowed foreign press a tour of five of their facilities. These were toured by a press Corp of news writers who were shown “How well these Centers help Employees to adjust to new realities in the Workplace. They visited Cimarron Center in Oklahoma Gerrison Center in Virginia Hopewell Center in Alabama Weyford Center in Colorado and Lincoln West Center in Nebraska.

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30 The tour included New comfortable dormitories recreational facilities and well managed classroom areas. The foreign press was able to interview “Preselected Trainees” who reported the teaching experience to be helpful and rewarding”. When requesting permission to tour facilities by themselves The Head of Each center gave similar responses that “It would interrupt the learning process that was going on” Some of the journalist after leaving The United States described it as “A hell of a snow job” determined to find out the truth. OMAHA MID-AMERICAN NEWS 2032: CITIES IN CRISIS The effects of several “Red” laws like The Corporate Tax Relief Act and others are affecting a growing number of municipalities in a big way. They have lost Billions in revenue from the inability to tax corporations personal property tax collection is down and the economy is tanking in its yearly rut of menial jobs. School Districts cities states and local governments are struggling to survive without any help from the Federal government. They are closing pools schools Police Departments paid Fire Departments and more to meet unreachable budgets.

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31 The association of Municipal governments has pleaded President Hall to no avail. Vice President Milbank who is running for President states with clarity “The founding Fathers in their view of Limited government Local government does not require the Federal government to rescue them It’s not in there” Milbank who has joined the ranks of the American Reformed Republicans agrees with the ninth Corporate Congress that “the Congress in 2027 has clearly exempted corporations from taxation and it will not change now”. The C-24 took a stronger stance in a dispatched Memo “The C-24 will reject any efforts to extort money from the corporations to support these ineffective and arcane government bodies” “This Crisis of Governments continued to cripple close and bring many of these governments to their knees and not an offer of assistance was heard” The United Nations Report 2033 “The effect of lost revenues touched every corner of American Life except the Corporations and their Allies in Government. They did well very well. Increased profits huge dividends reduced labor costs they seemed untouched”

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32 The World Economist 2032 Plan to Help Governments Announced March 2033 Senator Allen Mayes Populist Republican from Arizona who is also a member of The Corporate Congress has proposed The Corporate to State Ownership Act. This would allow corporations to invest and buy into governmental bodies as “stockholders” and gain partial ownership. In exchange for the influx of Cash to continue operations as a governmental body Corporations would receive dividends from their investments. Some cities see this as a good thing while others are wary of this proposition. It would in effect force governments to accept “Corporate” investment if they want to survive PERIOD. Newly elected President Milbank praised “The goodness of “The corporate spirit to save democracy.” Vice President Carl Wrench called this a “WIN-WIN for everyone”

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33 London World Economics Desk: “This is a dangerous precedence to set for anyone. They will not know when to stop The Tenth Corporate Congress: If they want our help in CASH they must agree to our demands as stockholders or just write the obituaries now Ninety Miles

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34 Ninety Miles Like the words to your favorite song or that special greeting card you received “Ninety Miles” will reach out to you for so many good reasons. You will find poetry that is fresh heartfelt and sensitive to Gods’ leading without being driven by all that Poetic mumbo jumbo you learned in school. Ninety Miles will take you on a journey of Love Life and God that reminds us all the best that life offers us. 19.95 List Price

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35 Ninety Miles It was on that dark night On the back roads of life It was you and I and God The world adrift……. Escapees from our busy life’s On the verge of a future It was you and I and God The world lost……. No one to keep time No signs to tell how far Only the road you and I and God This was our ninety miles

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36 We spoke of our hopes and dreams In gentle emboldened words We asked questions that mattered With no fear or hesitation That was our ninety miles. I will remember well long from now In those moments of Life’s storms I’ll take your hand look into your eyes And I tell you my love……… “We need another ninety miles An Escape for a moment A chance to engage our hearts For our journey here has a greater purpose…… My dear love It’s you and I and God.” Loves First Light

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37 The sun shines forming a shadow on the floor Sounds of the wind blowing briskly sing to me This morning all about my world seems right As I bask in Loves first light. You throw back the covers and gently smile at me Passions of the night before gently warm our souls This morning all about our world seems right As we linger in Loves First Light. It’s Saturday yes that we both know so well You lean back against the bed and your arms open wide This morning all about this moment seems right As we surrender to loves First Light. We laugh a little and tenderly caress the moment We are in no hurry to start our waiting day This morning will wait till all is right Just you and I in Loves First Light.

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38 Buried beneath blankets that defends this place in time Two lovers unconcerned discover a stolen moment This morning this day will soon take flight After we cherish Loves First Light. Love first light will gently invite us to stay It will ask us but soon we must leave But my dear we’ll be there again in its sight There together in Loves first light……. After The Storm Passes The storm passed through here Rain poured winds blew The sky lit up by lightning flashes As Thunder boomed in the distance. We watched it there sitting in the dark

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39 As nature put on its spring show For us it was just another storm. The darkened sky turned into hues of orange Against the sitting sun in the west And only a breeze remained behind After the storm passed through. It was you and I an audience of two Watching silently and in awe It was you and I content to see The passing of the storm. And as the storms that life offers The hurt the pain and grief They blow through our lives Windblown and rain driven. As distractions and decisions made We walked through the sheets of pain We cried with the other at our side For us it was just another storm.

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40 The darkness of life gave way to the light A new day a new moment to take And only a breeze remains to remind us Of the storm passing on. It will be you and I an audience of two Watching silently and in awe It will be you and I content to see The passing of the storm. THAT PLACE A DREAMS FIRST FLIGHT A FLEETING MOMENT OUT OF SIGHT THAT PLACE THE HEART FINDS REST. A Hopes First glance A dancer’s first dance That place the heart finds joy…… A thought yet to declare

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41 A wish for someplace somewhere That place the heart finds calm……. Two Hearts that rapidly beat A place where lovers meet The place the embrace is free……. A smile that lingers on A joy that shines into the dawn That place that feels like home……….. A glance of wanting more A heart filled with Love will soar That moment when passion and love cross Hold on to the picture there Two lovers and the love they share That place where passion and love lives……

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42 The Scent of an upcoming rain In the darkness of night it comes The gentle breeze as it blows off the lake That brings the scent of an upcoming rain I breathe deeply taking in the scent And remember our first days in this cabin A newly married couple thrilled and so in love The long hot summer’s day as the sun gave way To the darkness stirred only by the ripples that played on the lake It was like we were kids again Playing in the gentle rain Drenched to the flesh Then quietly warmed by the fires warmth Caressing tenderly in the darkness With no abandon or care. The morning came the scent of the rain gone The aroma of the coffee filled the small kitchen Where we enjoyed those days

slide 43:

43 Each time I smell that scent Hear the songs we once danced to Remember the secrets we kept with each other I smile sometimes cry You’re not here to play in the rain To dance in my arms To tell me that “I am the one you love” If only that scent of an upcoming rain is all I have For now that will do…… I’ll close my eyes breathe deep the moment And smile as we dance Inside the memories I carry When I smell that scent of an upcoming rain. It is often the storms in our life that teaches us the most It is often the toughest people to deal with that teaches us to be kinder It is often the tears shed that make the next brighter Never doubt the lessons we can learn from the storm.

slide 44:

44 In The Distance I can hear it in the background The horn blowing in the distance I can guess it’s’ direction by the tracks I cross Or even guess the freight by what others have carried I know well the ones that have crossed my path And the paint and graffiti that they bear But for now I can only wonder......... I can hear it in the back of my mind The horn blowing in my present time I wonder the direction my life will take Or even if what I offer will be it’s worth Maybe someone will think about me today As I see events that shape my life But for now I can only wonder...... And as I hear that horn in the background My mind wonders away in silent thought

slide 45:

45 Oh if just for a moment I could only dream Then as quick as it came I hear it no more The horn that blows in the distance...... Deeper Lord lead me to seek you To see your precious face To seek your counsel and grace Let me seek you deeper than before…… Lord Let my prayers go beyond Beyond words and hope Beyond catch phrases we just say Lord let me seek you Deeper than before… Lord Let the words you gave us inspire Inspire us to seek your wisdom Inspire us to use them in our walk Let me seek you Deeper than before……

slide 46:

46 Lord let my service be worship to you Worship to the Almighty God Worship of the precious name he bears Let me seek you Deeper than before…. Lord let me feel your presence The presence of your spirit The presence of your love Let me seek you Deeper than before Deeper and further into your heart Deeper and further into your love Lead me guide me deeper Deeper into your presence……….

slide 47:

47 I have walked with you I have walked with you Even before your first step was taken I have waited for you Even before your first breath was made I have walked with you a long time now. I have carried you gently Even before you could have known it I have prayed with you Even before you could form a word I have walked with you a long time now. I have stood up for you Even before your feeble feet could stand I have provided for you Even before you knew what you needed I have walked with you a long time now.

slide 48:

48 I have held your hand tight Even though others did not understand I have brought you Joy Even before you knew the joy of laughter. I have walked with you a long time now. I have been you’re all in all Even when you had nothing left to give And Yes I stood in your very shoes Even when it meant my death on the cross. Lift up Lifes’ hard traveler You see them you hear them Their stories you have heard Their faces are but faces in a crowd Lift up life‘s hard travelers Give them a smile or a word……..

slide 49:

49 The broken hearted the weary The traveler whose walk is long The soul tired from their struggles Lift up life‘s hard travelers Give them a prayer or a song…… They need a hand to strengthen them A friend in whom they can depend Their bodies worn from their day Lift up life‘s hard travelers Help them their broken heart in God to mend……… Lift up Lift high Life ‘s hard travelers Lead them show them To the arms of our blessed redeemer Show mercy and love…… To Life‘s hard travelers………… You too were once life‘s hard traveler The road had taken its toll on you

slide 50:

50 As Jesus lifted you up Lift up Lifes’ hard travelers…….. I CAN SEE FOR EVER WITH YOU If you asked me to describe our love in just one word The kind that that tells you how I feel I would say forever Not just till we don’t feel it anymore Not just so that others can see it I can see forever with you. If you asked to name the moment I fell in love with you The moment I knew that this was real It’d be every minute spent in your arms It’d be every thought of you that crosses my mind I can see forever with you.

slide 51:

51 If you asked me why I love you like I do Why my heart races when you enter the room For it is with a single heart our love beats For it is in God our future relies upon for strength I can see forever with you. If you ever needed proof that my love is real That my dear is written in the reason I live It has been the purpose of each step I have taken The best part of my missteps and by Gods’ design I can see forever with you…….

slide 52:

52 The Last Day On The Earth In his new book The Last Day on The Earth Too many times poetry books come across as unrealistic and a little corny. In The Last Day on the Earth I will offer your readers thoughts poems and some prose that address the reality of life. As a result some will be rough around the edges or little Raw but it will be relevant. It will be real

slide 53:

53 Subjects like Suicide Alzheimer’s Cancer Friends Love politics and more will be found in The Last Day on the Earth. In my new book The Last Day on The Earth Too many times poetry books come across as unrealistic and a little corny. In The Last Day on the Earth I will offer your readers thoughts poems and some prose that address the reality of life. As a result some will be rough around the edges or little Raw but it will be relevant. It will be real Subjects like Suicide Alzheimer’s Cancer Friends Love politics and more will be found in The Last Day on the Earth. He will explore issues of all kinds stretch the boundaries of a genre and combine several in a unique way to communicate real life. The Reader will be served a “Slice of Life” in a way most books will not Here’s what I believe “Still despite the setbacks we celebrate life for whatever it brings Life is an opportunity that beacons us.” The Last Day on The Earth is about the ins and outs of a life that’s fit for living in between your first breath to your last. Live today breathe deep and embrace whatever this life brings.

slide 54:

54 Also The Last Day on The Earth will I offer readers a non- political commonsense piece called The American Fiscal Responsibility Act. Here’s the description: a General Description: this Comprehensive plan hereby known as The American Fiscal Responsibility Act seeks to address the replacement of the current Tax Code Address the Federal Debt reducing it in 22 years Reform The Federal Budget System Affect Wholesale changes in the Tax code Stabilize Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid develop an aggressive plan for Economic Growth/Jobs Balancing the Federal Budget and introduce changes in the Law to Hold Elected Officials to be more accountable to Simple as this: ONE TAX FORMULA FOR ALL TAXPAYERS WHO EARN REVENUE IN THE UNITED STATES This is the cornerstone of the plan: “B The Single Legal Deduction The FIRST 40 of ALL TAXPAYERS TOTAL INCOME IS considered NONTAXABLE requires NO Receipts no documentation. c TAXABLE Income The remaining 60 of your income is your taxable income regardless of the source type or status of the income. The current 1099 forms could be used to record this income

slide 55:

55 d To whom does this Act affect These Rules apply to all individuals and businesses operating in the United States or its Boundaries. They apply regardless of income type of income type of organization or location of the company headquarters EVERYONE GETS THE SAME AMOUNT OF THEIR INCOME TAXED PERIOD NO EXCEPTIONS THIS IS JUST PART OF THE EQUALITY FACTOR IN THE AFRA”

slide 56:

56 The Last Day on Earth The notice was given To The likes of mankind A twenty-four-hour notice Of the last day on earth. Posted In the sky in words Boldly and clearly seen We’ve all got twenty-four hours To spend on this earth. The lonely and hopeless Cried out “Finally relief” The powerful struggled to hold On to all they had on this earth.

slide 57:

57 The widow smiled and said “I’m finally going home” The optimist saw the beginning Of the end of this earth. “What would you do if it were you” A notice given twenty-four hours in advance What deeds would you undo What words would you unsay No notice is given’ No shadow of things to come No promise of good or ill On your last day on Earth.

slide 58:

58 Pursue A Dream Pursue a dream until you hold it in your hand Mold it into a fashion that fits you Make it yours and stand for none other Until you reach its’ end. Pursue a dream until you feel its’ warmth Make it a reality as close as your touch Failure is not an option or and end Until you reach its conclusion. Pursue a dream unfettered by others indecisions Let not the words of others draw you away Or discourage you from your hopes For you know you will make it. Pursue a dream undaunted by circumstances The whims of humanity will not defeat Or tell you it’s too late Until its’ right there in your hand.

slide 59:

59 Pursue a dream and never cease to aspire Despite the failed conquests of your past Knowing that you will remain standing And that dream is now yours. “A day without Hope or a dream…… Isn’t a day” Of Laughter Of Tears The father and his son sit quietly on the bench His son glancing here then there……. Then straight at his father “Tell me about Love” He clearly asked of his dad. Love can lift you so you can fly No limits to what two can do It can teach a heart to unconditionally share

slide 60:

60 Love can make you cry both inside and out. It can wrench your heart till you shout “Then dare you to “Just move on” When I speak of love I speak… Of Laughter and of tears. “Why would Love injure or hurt someone” Asked the shaken child. Loves’ intent is not always known Its motives are not always clear Love sometimes harms its’ very own Then again it’s a solace to the wounded Soul A welcome retreat at days’ end That quiet place that “two can be one” When I speak of love I speak…… Of Laughter and of Tears. “Why then would anyone seek to be in love” Questioned the humbled child.

slide 61:

61 Its loves task to fill an empty heart It warms and invites passions driving wave It lets two explore the depths of the other Others fear to let the outside in Afraid to be hurt controlled or maimed It builds a wall that none can cross So when I speak of love I speak of……. Of Laughter and of tears. “Why would one let their past hurt them each day” Impatiently he stuttered. Love can lay every brick impotent to rediscover It can open doors and show clear blue skies It causes even cause a failure to be a “success” Still Love can say “Not now never” Love can force an innocent heart to fall

slide 62:

62 To be a victim of its own yesterdays So when I speak of love I speak of…. Of Laughter and of tears Love is the breath I take and the risk It is the moment I live and the one that I die Love is the fire that still burns within Love has crushed once this heart of mine It has taken me to lows none can see It’s been a teacher so strictly enforcing So when I speak of love I speak of………. Of Laughter and of tears. “Father will I love” Simply said the child You will love then you will know clearly You will hurt very very deeply That glance will quickly reward you For every tear that you will shed

slide 63:

63 And when you’ve found that heart and soul mate The one that makes your world complete…. And when you speak of Love you’ll speak of…. Of Laughter and of tears. “Will I love” he asked again “You will if not only to live….” “Love is one of those weird unpredictable things. At a moment it is unpredictable whimsical even cruel and unkind. Love though is necessary for all to know they are loved and they can love.”

slide 64:

64 Silent Hero’s These heroes’ will never wear a cape Or have amazing strength or powers You’ll see them where others will not go In Soup kitchens in Animal Rescue facilities Armed with Time and a heart to serve They teach English offer free legal services They bag sand when waters rise Deliver Food after the storm has passed Become friends to the friendless Lift those in dire needs They serve where many never image To fatherless children no fault of their own For the single mom in unexpected circumstance. They are silent heroes a life habit of serving others.

slide 65:

65 These hero’s rush into burning buildings Spend overnight shifts awake while you safely sleep They serve on foreign soil defending America Their families wait as they see the pictures They help the homeless off the road They give when they have little A stand for the oppressed is a firm one A hand up is a hand of friendship No moment will they fail you They risk their life’s so others will live These hero’s need no parade No fanfare or pomp or praise Content to serve content to stay A silent hero a deed well done.

slide 66:

66 The Voice For Valerie her year had been tough Friends of years become none Life had taken a tragic turn And her heart was on the run. The men who used her ran her dry Loveless and left surrendered A parent’s death another divorce Left her inner soul unrendered. Told to “Buck it up” with little comfort The words seemed so empty The nights grew darker and longer With no place to be free

slide 67:

67 The drugs she took provided no relief The pain throbbed in her soul She felt half the woman she used to be Like a thousand pieces from the whole. A simple exit was all she needed On that night no call no friend In the silence of her car in the park Would seem her perfect end. With pills in hand and the liquor With just the radio playing Her face flat on the dash Asking why she was staying. “Valerie Valerie” the voice inquired In the silence of the place She looked up and around Seeing not a single face.

slide 68:

68 Looking again at her choice for her end Cupping her hand in motion It froze there at her mouth Frozen in that emotion. Leant against the driver’s door Tears had blinded her sight A click a sound a motion Bumped against her door that night. Her door flew open as she tumbled out Upon the rain drenched ground The voice vanished quietly and in flight Not a single soul was to be found. She lay there face up into the dark As the light rain fell on her face The sound of footsteps and that voice Were heard leaving that place.

slide 69:

69 “Valerie” ……” Are you okay” Now laid in the light of the Emergency room The voice now only played Lifting her from the gloom. Her eyes opened to the light of the room As her father held her hand “If not for the deed of a passerby” Her father would never understand. The voice that night The words he spoke The things he did The cycle was broke.

slide 70:

70 How You Believe A man of flesh and spirit too Intellect entwined makes three Our life is more than just flesh and blood More than what we can see More about how you believe. Is your God divine or mortal Can he see into your future Can he touch deep into your soul More than a man without a cause More about how you believe. Is your life just a series of circumstances That you cannot control yourself Or just accidents with no cause to measure More than a simple right or wrong More about how you believe. Your God can he walk and talk Is Gender relevant to their being

slide 71:

71 Can you construct the God you have chosen More than we can phantom More than you can believe. Did they just make you and then leave With chance your only hope Do they move you like a game piece in chess More than just a temporary soul More about how you believe. The question here determines the later Of the path your life may take Does the one that you believe in help you More than just in the physical More about how you believe.

slide 72:

72 America: The Untold Story Beyond the glass and steel The estates of homes so grand There is a cancer a well-known secret That festers in our great land. Families struggle on two incomes Divided Politically Socially and by races The “haves” have more than we can count The “have not’s” with their desperate faces. Profit has risen for the “Corporate” bosses Workers struggle on a basis day by day Holding jobs two three or more Unable to stay above water in any way.

slide 73:

73 The Faces you see are not the lazy Or of those who would never work Raising Kids and barely paying the bills Never a job would they ever shirk. They are black white old and gray Male female and children are in this place They are underpaid and under employed Look now it looks like your face. Judge not for one catastrophic event for you The thing will grab you from your glory Your paycheck gone your hours reduced This is America: The untold story.

slide 74:

74 The Not So Amazing Moments of Life It’s when the kids are young And they pile in your bed on a Saturday morning You just talk wrestle for just a few This will be nothing new. It’s the musical debut in the kitchen Singing into the spatula to your favorite song As your wife backs you up As she’s cooking breakfast with you. The day at the pool you venture into the deep end The lazy morning you just watch cartoons When you’re falling asleep And you’re friend mimics and makes fun of you.

slide 75:

75 It’s the moment the baby rests peacefully in your arms When you carry your child to bed at night asleep The conversations the two of you keep The Morning light delayed by choice. The roadside picnics on a long journey driven The sites and places you have arrived The trips to see the Grands so excited to travel The miles of highway beneath our tires. So much to write so many to recite These not so amazing moments of life The ones between the good and the bad Did I say not so amazing moments

slide 76:

76 Overcoming or Overcome In this life We will all face problems And Challenges that continue to Grow Friends will come and they will go But we will choose for ourselves…. To overcome problems or to be overcome. We will lose We will gain beyond measure And the path may seem dark to you Doubts will raise and fester here But we will choose our own path…. To overcome problems or to be overcome. Drama abounds On this often-wearisome path And confusion stirs its’ own wind Questions cause us to think twice

slide 77:

77 But we will choose for ourselves……. To overcome problems or to be overcome. Guilt will tell us The path we should have taken It’ll offer an alternative that seems easy But will in fact separate us in the heart But we will choose our destination…… To overcome problems or to be overcome.

slide 78:

78 Freedom Embraces I stood there at the mall and watched Thought as the shoppers passed by me I honor the Veterans who stood in Battle To die to keep our country free. Freedom embraces the oppressed and the strong It gives hope to the trodden down It holds up those scorned and tattered Oh Freedom has such a sweet sweet sound. Freedom embraces the native who once roamed A virgin land untouched by others It touts the glory of the Hispanic heritage Who once stood with our brothers

slide 79:

79 For captive and condemned in ships from the sea A continent darkened to ours scarred by chains From European nations coming to seek freedom On the great and busy shipping lanes. From the Tycoon of millions and might To the migrant worker who struggles today The Machinist the laborer of common sorts Freedoms embraces and never will sway. The fast food worker that takes your order To the mechanic that fixes your car These are the dreamers of greater things Freedom embraces those near and far. It does not judge by who you choose to love Or how you live your hopes and dreams Not by the color of the skin you wear Freedoms song sweetly watch it stream.

slide 80:

80 Freedom watches over those under the Cross Or the temples of Jehovah alone The Buddhist the atheist the Muslim We all alike under freedom we are one Freedom embraces the scholar of degrees To the merchant on the main street Freedom welcomes the unlearned And judges not by the language they meet. Freedom Embraces……….. How Far Would You Go To Live Your Life How far would you go to live your life To exceed someone else’s expectations To show that you have what it takes So you will know……. How far would you go

slide 81:

81 It’s never been done that way It’d be a waste of time You don’t have what it takes So you’ve been told……. How far would you go to live your life How far would you go What is it worth to you No one has ever achieved it Only Fools have believed it Would you stand in the crowd of fools To face the snares of the crowd…… How far would you go The voices call you to linger on the past They plead for your preventative surrender At the end of the day where you stop Where ever whenever that they be

slide 82:

82 Will you stand for what you cannot see To stand for what you believe……… How far would you go to live your life Calendars She sits there in her rocking chair In the dimmed and dusty room Calendars lay scattered all over the floor Some face up some down The years 1954 1996 2001 Pictures of scenery and art work A few lay in a neat pile upon her lap Month by month she thumbed through Her son’s birth his third birthday The second time around at the altar Days all special in their own way Birthdays and deaths randomly crossed The Calendars followed each event That shaped her life till now.

slide 83:

83 She stood carefully facing the door She heard a sound so she thought Again silence persisted on Grabbing a handful of calendars again Seated again a victim of the time Thumbing smiling and then crying Turning another page in another calendar. A knock disturbed her solitude “Mom are you there” the voice shouted Stopping for a moment then turning The sound of the door opening then steps She stood up now The Calendars falling to the floor Two figures stood in the archway “Mom” He softly spoke to her “Tried calling you for three weeks”

slide 84:

84 She paused and sheepishly replied “Just been looking at calendars” Pausing then with tear filled eyes “Been expecting you to come home from school” “Mom I’m not in school anymore Been married for years now” The blank stare the cold look given “How was school today Rog” The middle-aged woman approached her “Calendars Connie” “Yes Calendars are my best friends” Walking closer embracing the mother Roger asked “Mom do you know where you are” “Of course our house on 4530 Penny wood Lane Why do you ask” she replied “Mom we sold that house years ago” Turning away his tears so not to be seen

slide 85:

85 “Mrs. Jenkins I’m here to help you” The confused look as she handed the strangers The Nature Calendar for 2012 “I love calendars….” When Equality Speaks Dedicated to The Great Plains Black History Museum When the color of my skin Is not a cause for you to judge To fear for your safety when there is no excuse This is when equality speaks. When the word Wetback Is not uttered by anyone Or lazy is what I am called then and only then Is when equality truly speaks.

slide 86:

86 When words with intent to injure Are silenced by the knowledge of the other When stereo types fail beyond degree This is equality well spoken. When stares of hatred are muted By compassions outreach and healing When we listen then we speak This is when equality truth has triumphed. Dreams move forward Hopes shine brighter than the day’s light When men and women get equally paid This is equality at its’ greatest. When your gender and looks no longer Determine your movement up This equality truly expressed Know that it has been achieved.

slide 87:


slide 88:

88 A Life Far Too Beautiful His birth came not with fanfare His ordinary life was portrayed His ministry much too short it seems For a life far too beautiful. Betrayed Denied in his final days Tried in a Trial already decided Endless hours of sleeplessness For a life far too beautiful. The hand of mercy pierced by nails The back that bore our sins whipped The eyes of love in sadness torn For a life far too beautiful.

slide 89:

89 The path trodden covered in blood With tears of abandonment flooded From the Garden lost to a single cross For a life far too beautiful. The mother wept beneath his feet As his body dangled up on high The disciple he loved the ones he lost For a life far too beautiful. The darkness came Victory to claim The Sabbath day into a borrowed tomb The morning visitors came to mourn For a life far too beautiful. No grave could hold No victor could dare claim

slide 90:

90 The stone rolled and opened For a life far too beautiful. The many who saw his death The many who saw him after The few who saw him ascend For a life far too beautiful. A life anew and eternal Returned to his home in heaven This world was not fit for such a one For a life far too beautiful.

slide 91:


slide 92:

92 At Peace You may feel the winds of the storm Be assailed by the waves of life You can stand tall in the darkest hour Your mind can be at peace. The discomfort of decisions to be made The risks that we are called to take You may fail but you’ll never fall Your heart can be at peace.

slide 93:

93 Current events may be the worse “at best” Circumstances seem to be out of your control Your hopes are found to be secure Your dreams can be at peace. Anxiety may beacon you this very day Deaths cold hold outside your door You can rest in the knowledge there Your days can be lived in peace. For all who leave you for all who hurt For all the times we must struggle Your life your dearth your days All in his hands……. Be at Peace.

slide 94:

94 I’m Coming Home I opened my eyes to skies of blue Waves of white grain rippling in the wind A sweet song played upon the breeze I stood there trying to remember the words. I walked through the field grasping The heads of that grain so softly It seemed like home again to me And I still trying to remember the song. In the distance I saw here my young bride More beautiful than ever I could recall Her scent played gently across this moment And I tried so hard to remember that song.

slide 95:

95 She met me halfway breeze blowing her golden hair A Voice as sweet as an angel “We’ve waited long for you” she told me As I hummed what I knew of this song. She reached out her arms flung open wide Her eyes a welcome sight for this old heart of mine She mouthed words as that breeze blew Mirroring the gentleness of that song. An embrace in motion a time undefined We hugged as she whispered in my ear I love you so much glad that you’re here As she sang that mesmerizing song. The words I heard as we lifted high I’m coming home I’m heaven bound One more voice I now heard fading away

slide 96:

96 Dad Dad Oh my precious God he’s…………. Our hearts melted into one As I heard that sweet song I’m going Home I’m Heaven bound This old earth can’t hold me no more My savior waits there for me I’ll wait for you there I’m Coming home. The voice that uttered those tearful greetings Faded deep into time As I looked up I saw the Masters face As he told me “Your Home now”

slide 97:

97 A Moment Apart Even Jesus in all divineness and in his humanity sought a quiet place. Say a place and time and away from the crowd. Surely if he sought this place we too must seek a quiet place.

slide 98:

98 ORDER FORM NAME: _________________________________ ADDRESS: _____________________________ CITY/STATE/ZIP ________________________ PHONE NUMBER: ______ ______-________ E-MAIL ADDRESS: _____________________________________________ _____ Life In Corporate America: 2041 only ______ _____ Ninety Miles only _______ _____ The Last Day On The Earth only ______ ______ A Life Far Too Beautiful FREE WITH ANY ORDER ______ Life In “Corporate America:2041 and either ____Ninety Miles or ___The Last Day On The Earth ______ ______ Ninety Miles and The Last Day On The Earth _______ ______ ALL THREE BOOKS _______

slide 99:

99 To help determine postage please confirm: E-Mail Address: ________________________________ Mailing Address:______________________________ ___________________________________________ City/State/Zip ______________________________ Enclose Cost of book in form of money order and mail to Jeffrey Lynn Hines 10465 Spaulding Street Omaha Ne 68134 You will be notified by e-mail the cost of shipping. Upon receipt of postal expense order will be complete Please allow 3-4 weeks for receiving the books If you would like a personalized greeting please print it out here and attach to order form thanks

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