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This Trilogy of poems is dedicated to my wife Shauna Lynn Hines.


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Beautiful Love: A Love Trilogy


Credits Poetry By Jeffrey Lynn Hines Music by Plum: Hold on **No Infringement intended ** This is a Presentation of Omaha Create Share Promote


THIS IS DEDICATED TO SHAUNA LYNN HINES The love and light of my Life


Beautiful Love   It’s in that moment when two hearts meet, When what we feel speaks louder than the words that we say, It’s then, we know Beautiful love.   It’s in the passion that we feel when we meet, When how we touch Tells a story so much more complete, It’s then, we know beautiful love.


It’s when close is not close enough for two, When we hold tightly, In the wee dark hours into the dawn, It’s then, we know beautiful love.   It’s when our words and thoughts are one, When the world matters, Less than ever with every passing thought, It’s Then, we know beautiful love.


Oh, beautiful one I love, Oh, my precious and passionate one, Stay with me forever in beautiful love!


My love, My Life, It’s all the same It’s all about you!


In the Way, Late Hours


In the way, late hours, In the solitary moments, Thoughts of you crossed my mind, It warms my heart… And says……. All is good tonight.   In the way, late hours, In a few restless moments, Thoughts of your love calms me, It reassures my heart… And says……. All is perfect about this.


In the way, late hours, As I stare at this computer screen, Knowing you’re in my bed, It excites my heart… And says………I am loved tonight.   I hope thoughts like these, Dance in your sleeping head, Thoughts of a loving Heartbeat, Let it warm your heart…. And say…. I am loved tonight.


I Can See Forever With You


If you asked me to describe our love in just one word, The kind that that tells you how I feel, I would say forever, Not just till we don’t feel it anymore, Not just so that others can see it, I can see forever with you.


If you asked me to name the moment I fell in love with you, The moment I knew that this was real, It’d be every minute spent in your arms, It’d be every thought of you that crosses my mind, I can see forever with you.


If you asked me why I love you like I do, Why my heart races when you enter the room, For it is with a single heart our love beats, For it is in God our future relies upon for strength, I can see forever with you.


If you ever needed proof that my love is real, That, my dear, is written in the reason I live, It has been the purpose of each step I have taken, The best part of my missteps and by Gods’ design I can see forever with you…….


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