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This power point celebrates America as a nation, as a people!


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The LAND I Love:

The LAND I Love An Independence Day Trilogy


Poetry by Jeffrey Lynn Hines An Omaha Create Share Promote Presentation Music by Ray Boltz “This is America” No copyright infringement Intended


This power point is dedicated To the men and women Who have served our country PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE !


The Land I Love   From plains wide and flat, To rolling hills and valleys, Oceans bright and Lakes great, This is the land I love.   From the mighty Rockies, To ocean front towns, Bayside burgs and country towns, This is the land I love.   From coastal hills with faults, To deserts with dunes, Swamp lands and alligators, This is the land I love.


I know, I have seen them, Country lanes covered in leaves, Gravel paths to some hometown, This is the land I love.   Wide highways, lit by city lights, To suburbs sprawling out far, Older cities steeped in history, This is the land I love.   Land and people, equally diverse, Languages learned, languages spoken, Heritage strong, yet so unique, This is the land I love!




The Faces Of America


The Faces of America   I see before me, a great company, One of human hearts, bound by American dreams, Woven into a great American tapestry. No thread greater than another, No heart kinder or stronger, I see before me, the faces of America. The face of the aging senior who has worked all their life’s till now The face of the dreamer of dreams with their eye on the future, The single parent for whatever the reason, The black youth standing on his history, The immigrant that works sixty hours a week, Can you see the face of America?


The heir of wealth from a family trade, The tireless worker in the field, The subway musician who plays their craft, The Asian family who works together, The man or woman with no spouse, The families all large and small, I see the faces of America. The gay couple living down the street, The pastor that preaches at your church, The merchant with a shop in the Mall, The homeless who live day by day, The unemployed who struggle just the same, I see the faces of America,


Look now, Look deep, Skin tones may vary, Families not nuclear by far, A history each can be proud of, I see the faces of America!


The Flag I Live Under


I need not wear a flag pin, Nor do I need to fly a thousand flags, I need none of these, To show you the Flag I live under.   The rights of all to more than just survive, The rights to vote and elect their own, The rights to bear arms OR not, This is the Flag I live under.   Where need is not condemned as lazy, And success is not deemed as greed, Where ALL share in her bounty , This is the flag I live under.


A land where politic thought is expressed, Not the vile hatred of some seen here, A land where color does not determine freedom, This is the flag I live under.   Where choices are made to be individual, Not driven by any church, group or force, Where truth is honored over lies, This is the Flag I live under.   With differences respected, With accountability for ALL, Where people matter more than legal entities, This is the flag I live under.


Where ALL are welcomed And All are blessed with rights, And NONE greater than the other, This is the flag I live under.   From temples great of worship, To those who choose NOT to praise, To Christians, Muslims, Jews and ALL ALIKE, This is the Flag I live under!   Where veterans serve with gratitude, Where Seniors live out in respect, Where families thrive despite their race, This is The Flag I live under.


Look deep inside and you will find, Look deep beyond the blood stains there, Stand tall; You can be very proud, This is the flag we live under.


Enjoy the show!


Happy Fourth of July from the Omaha Create Share Promote Community!


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