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A perfect gift for your Grad! Personalize this with your pics and your personal message!


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Original Poetry by Jeffrey Lynn Hines Music by Stephen Curtis Chapman “Live Out Loud” No copyright infringement intended




You stand on the edge of a future bright, New paths you have not yet seen, New friends, new Hopes brighten the Path, Stretch out your hopes and reach…….   You have your dreams set before you now, The shadows that lingered are now vanished, Your spirit set to take its’ solo flight beyond, Enlarge you vision there and reach……..


You have the desire for success to be achieved, The will power to simply believe and hope, You prepare your wings with youths’ ambition, Stretch out your wings and reach…… Reach the farthest dream, No goal beyond your wildest dream, Reach the highest place, Flight made easy on this day…….. No restraint to hold you back, just reach……


From the place you stand now, Your journey seems so uncertain at times, Look up, look within, look around, Nothing to bind your hopes and reach.


Friends Along The Way


Its’ friends like you, We have laughed and we have cried, Tests came and went, The test life offers and the ones we took, Friends have come, Friends have gone, You have stuck it out with me. Today in robes, diplomas to receive, I hope for you peace and success, I hope for you many paths to walk, Know this, my friend, We may leave this place but you and me, Will always be as we are…….. Friends!


What This Day Is About


This is more than graduation day! More than just leaving home, More than a new start, More than the trips you will take! It’s about taking a stand for yourself, Determining your own future, It’s about looking for open doors And closing old chapters of your life,


It’s a chance to start something new, Time to learn who you really are, Time to explore new places and cities, While you’re dreaming and planning,   Don’t forget those who stood with you, Cried and laughed with you, The family and friends who believed you could! The ones who knew you would! Say “Thank You” as you meet your future!


Live your life intentionally, Create opportunities out of mistakes, Refuse to accept the Status Quo, Learn from those people who cross your path, Never give up your dream, Most of all, be true to yourself………….


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