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A wonderful Power Point saluting MOMS! Enjoy!


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This presentation is dedicated to these three wonderful woman Diane Wagner-Martin/Shauna Hines/Crystal Bahner-Altman


Original Poetry by Jeffrey Lynn Hines Music by Selah “You Raise Me Up” No Copyright infringement intended


Another Name For Love


You saw it in my eyes, Long before I could say it, You knew my every move, My every thought was for you to see, Mom, Another name for love.   My child hood years in care free play, Secure by your watchful eye, Held in your loving arms at night, My every need provided by one like you, Mother, Another name for love.


You watched me grow and learn each day, New friends old and young along the way, Some vanished and others stayed, Always there in my times of need, Momma, Another name for love.   I grew tall and proud venturing on my own, Defiant at times, obedient at some, You never walked away when I ridiculed, Always there when I came back to see, Mother, you were always true to me.


Another name for Love, Another day to dream, Only with the love of my mother, Did I dare to make it through, Mom, your love has guided me.




She sees her child through compassions eyes, Holds them in her gentle touch, Protects them from evils along their way, She sees the world through a mother’s eye .   She waits in patience as we mature and grow, Gives our steps to our own means, Readies herself for every possibility, She sees the world through a mother’s eye.  


She sacrifices so that others can eat, Stays awake so that others can sleep, Casts aside her hopes so that her children can dream, She sees the world through a mother’s eye.    She answers questions posed in honesty, She stays silent when we must learn for ourselves, In humility she supports those she loves, She sees the world through a mother’s eye.


It breaks her heart to see hunger in her children, It breaks her heart to see their self-inflicted mistakes, To see her family homeless, broken and in despair, She sees the world through a mother’s eye.   Each thought, each dream, each hope, Each desire, all that she owns she shares, All that she aspires to achieve in life, She sees the world through a mother’s eye.    


That’s What A Mother Does


She feeds her child in the Living Room, On that old rescued couch that she found, The TV’s loud, the room empty, A single mom working her jobs, She goes hungry one more meal…… That’s what a mother does.   Her child in the ER again two nights in a row, The monitor beeping, sounds surround her, Only two hours of sleep in the last 48, A mother of two, the other with her mom, She goes sleepless one more night…… That’s what a mother does.  


A long procession of black draped cars, Slowly into that rainy day and dark journey, He was her first, now her first child’s death, Family gathered, No one knows her pain, She goes to the Grave yard, One more time…….. That’s what a mother does.   Miles to the nearest river, a jungle to cross, No car, no roads, No nothing at all, Her children in a shed by a clearing far way waiting, For fresh water, for food, for a hope, She makes that walk daily, one more day to survive….. That’s what a mother does


So much done for so little recognition or praise, A thousand deeds all go unspoken, So much for the children she has borne, And all she does, all she says, That’s what a mother does.  


Mom, Lucille Evelyn Brady, you may be gone. You have taught me well. Little did you know that I would’ve been a single parent, both mother and father! You taught me more than just living, you gave me living skills, you let me make mistakes, you listened, you spoke directly and honestly with me! You never minced words, soon after leaving home as I slept on a Greyhound bus I could still hear your voice. Even today I talk like you, I remember your phrases! I hope and pray that I can be half the parent you were, I hope that I can leave this world a better place, Like you did! Love your son, Jeff


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