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his special Power Point features Omaha Writer Jeffrey Lynn Hines, Omaha Musician Mike Geiler and pictures of twenty Omaha Churches. It's message simply Jesus First and Foremost and our walk with him!


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A LIFE FAR TOO BEAUTIFUL 2.0 SPECIAL OMAHA RELEASE : Omaha writer, Omaha Musician, Omaha Churches


POETRY BY: JEFFREY LYNN HINES No Copyright Infringement intended Undefeated Words and music by Michael Geiler (c)2014 Crossed Out Music. All Rights Reserved.  


What began as an inspiration one day when my wife and I went to vote at Holy Cross Lutheran Church we saw the beautiful cross, has now become a slight obsession on how to communicate about Jesus and how to walk out our faith.


I had the opportunity to visit nearly 20 churches and each inspired me to write these forty some verses. Some are easy to read, others are ballad styles, some have a devotional tone, BUT ALL approach the subject That Jesus is first and foremost and that our walk must match our talk! Looking to challenge your faith, say a kick start, to your spirit! A Life Far Too Beautiful is a work in progress, and you can be a part of that Journey, Come along and discover A Life Far Too Beautiful for yourself. Jeffrey Lynn Hines


The Church On Rock Bridge Road


The Church on Rock Bridge Road   I remember well the songs we sang, The prayers we prayed every Sunday, The drive down that country road To the church on Rock Bridge Road.   The potlucks spent on the grounds, The church yard where us children played, The summer rain, the falling leaves At the church on Rock Bridge Road.  


The weddings of friends and family, The passing of saints going home, The steeple could be seen for miles, At the church on Rock Bridge Road.   I can still hear Amazing Grace played, That sweet hymn so heavenly Divine, The pastors call to the altar where I knelt, At the church on Rock Bridge Road.  


With friends and family, we two stood, In presence of God and man, Vowed our love Till Death do us part, At the church on Rock Bridge Road.    Our children learned the love of God, Taught by women and men of faith, Their teen years spent at the creek, At the church on Rock Bridge Road.  


I left that small house of God years ago, To seek my life anywhere else, I learned my trade and served my country, Remembering the church at Rock Bridge Road.   Years have passed, three I believe, Since my Emily went home to God, She’s buried there in the cemetery, Near the church at the rock Bridge Road.


My home is gone, too old to manage, My children moved me to a place of safety, Mission Creek Home is a stone’s throw, To the church on Rock Bridge Road .   I’ll close my eyes and think, Of younger years sweet to remember, I’ll rest in peace near from where I am now, I’ll be there I’ll be down the road…….. From The church on Rock Bridge Road.  




You can request a copy of Jesus Was, Is And Always Will Be The Easter Poem There is a separate power point For this poem


This Truth I Hold


When the road I trod wearies me, When fear holds me in its grip, This is when I know for sure, This truth I hold to be true…. My God is fully in control! When the events that clutter my day, When not a moment of peace is found, This is when I seek his presence, This truth I hold to be true… My God is watching my steps.   This Truth I hold, Dear to the inner heart and Soul This truth I hold……


When sorrow crosses my path, When tears and Joys consume me, This is when on bended knee, This truth I hold to be true….. My God a compassionate father is he.   When in joy my heart soars, When my step is filled with joy, My heart in flight of its pursuit, This truth I know for sure,


My father is smiling with me.   And for you my friends, Should this be the last we speak, Lift high the times spent here, These are the truths I hold to be true.    


Life at times can seem at its best to be some grand production that we must control like a director directs a play. Lines to be said, sets to be found, music to learn and cues to deliver. Trying to balance work, school, family, fun events, things to do get all tangled in a knot leaving us to choose how much, when and where! The choice of just saying no is usually not offered, much must be done NOW, PERIOD END OF SENTENCE!   SIMPLY TRUST GOD


The demands placed on us, by our family, our employer, our pets, or ourselves seem insurmountable. I can’t give you five easy steps here, but rather ONE answer. No matter how stressful, busy, terrible, crazy life gets on you, Okay are you ready? Despite all you see and feel at this time….. Simply TRUST GOD


At Peace


You may feel the winds of the storm, Be assailed by the waves of life, You can stand tall in the darkest hour, Your mind can be at peace.   The discomfort of decisions to be made, The risks that we are called to take, You may fail, but you’ll never fall, Your heart can be at peace.


Current events may be the worse “at best”, Circumstances seem to be out of your control, Your hopes are found to be secure, Your dreams can be at peace.   Anxiety may beacon you this very day, Deaths cold hold outside your door, You can rest in the knowledge there, Your days can be lived in peace.


For all who leave you, for all who hurt, For all the times we must struggle, Your life, your death , your days All in his hands…….Be at Peace.


Announcing A Life Far Too Beautiful Heart And Soul Looking for submissions of Christian Poetry/prose Contact : BooksbyJeff2013@Outlook.com Want To Feature your church? Let us know!


Website Official Website ·   www.mikegeiler.com Email Email ·   crossedoutmusic@me.com Copyrighted by Crossed Out Music all Rights Reserved All Songs written by Michael Geiler


Multi-faceted and talented recording artist Mike Geiler understands and embraces the call of music, songwriting and leading worship on his life. Over the last 15 years, Mike has written, recorded and independently released a barrage of original music from pop/rock, funk, gospel, and most recently, worship. Mike currently leads worship at West Hills Church in Omaha, NE where his original worship songs have contributed to the corporate worship experience there. He is married to his lovely wife, Nicole, and enjoys fathering his two sons, Wilson (8 years) and Chester (4 years). Mike's latest release, Undefeated on independent label Crossed Out Music, features 5 worship songs recorded and produced by Riley Friesen (Family Force 5). "Undefeated" and "Holy Spirit Rain Down" stand out as high energy worship songs that point the listener to Christ with expert songwriting and production value .


Holy Cross Lutheran Maplewood United Methodist Church St. Timothys ’ Lutheran Church St. Andrews Lutheran Church Northwest Hills Church Unity Church of Omaha St. Mark Lutheran Church First Covenant Church Cornerstone Church All Saints Episcopalian Church Life Church Lutheran Church Of The Master Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church West Hills Church Life Gate Church


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