Android Application Vs iPhone Application Development

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Android Application Vs iPhone Application Development A simple comparison with simple world

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iPhone Development You need to learn the basic tools of objective C along side with other tools available on the internet. iPhone Development has revenue of 13 billion in the year of 2016. Most growth has been seen in Japan Europe and China. Losing the market to Android iPhone is agressively investing in the big arms. Why lose If you have billion of dollars in the pocket.

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Android Development Android market is more open and great for everyone. It is easy to publish an app on android store than on Apple. There are more Android apps than Apple ones. Always fear your rivals. Small market are the stars in the Android world. Well you can easily learn it without buying anything from the monoplistic world of iPhone.

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Hybrid application development Hybrid applications are becoming more and more popular comparing with the Natives. The leader is the React Native which has great options for people who are trying to learn the applications.

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