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If you’ve read stories of how people took a simple idea and turned it into a business doing a hundred thousand dollars a year, you’re probably wondering…

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Is it really possible to turn my experience or hobby interest into a fully functioning business that brings in thousands of dollars each month?

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The answer is emphatically Yes! But you must be careful how you proceed or you can make some very time-consuming and costly mistakes.

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There are a lot of different details you need to get right in order to launch a profitable business with less stress, few headaches, and without wasting money.

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The Good News Is… Every decision you need to make, every detail you need to notice and every strategy you need to use… HAS BEEN DONE HUNDREDS OF TIMES BEFORE – AND WE KNOW EXACTLY HOW TO DO THEM!

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Often the best way to learn something new is to first learn WHAT NOT TO DO!

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Are You Ready?

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#1: Fred didn’t understand his customer and what they really wanted from him.

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#2: He didn’t develop a clear idea of what made his business unique in the marketplace and why people should buy from him and not his competitor.

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#3: He didn’t have an experienced marketing team available to help him promote his new business.

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#4: He didn’t create and follow a weekly to-do list of what he was supposed to do in the order he was supposed to do it.

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#5: His web site had no sparkle or pizazz to it and put his visitors to sleep.

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#6: He decided that he didn’t have time to build an email customer list, so when he decided to put his products on sale, he had no one to whom he could send his promotions.

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#7: When he got around to thinking about his company as a legal entity, he paid much more than he should have to put together his paperwork.

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#8: He started to invest his money in his business without giving any thought to his regular expenses and income.

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#9: He set his prices based on what his family members told them they would pay.

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#10: He kept all of his receipts in a shoebox, which made it difficult for him to find a bookkeeper and accountant who would agree to work with him.

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#11: He had little idea of how long it took to provide his service, so customers complained that he never delivered what he promised in a timely fashion.

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In the next video, you’ll discover the 5 powerful business building suggestions I made to Fred in our coaching sessions, which resulted in him bringing in more than $6,000 within the first 60 days after we started to work together .

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