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Planning Step 8 Create your operations plan

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Planning Objectives It is one thing to manage all the parts of your new business when you are selling and delivery a few units of product or a few hours of consulting per week. But, to achieve your personal financial goals, you will need to quickly grow your company sales well beyond this point. To do so and still provide world-class customer service, pay your vendors on time and continually come up with new things to sell, you must create a solid plan for operating the “nuts and bolts” of your chosen business. Planning Step 8 is designed to lead you through an evaluation of each key part of reliable operations plan.

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How To Do It Review your current telecommunications setup. Do you have the power and flexibility you need to stay in touch on a 24/7 basis, both in your office and out? It is rare to be able to grow a new business to the level of sales you desire without the assistance of some other human beings. Learn the different ways to obtain this assistance and what obligations each may require. Even a consulting practice is backed by a “production and delivery” system of some sort, as it is almost never the case that you can successfully deliver what you promised in one step only. Carefully evaluate each step you must take from the time you close a sale to the time you collect and deposit the payment.

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Week 8 Coaching Call During this 60-minute call, your UB School coach will lead a group discussion on all aspects of creating an operations plan for your new business. By this point in the UB School you’ve already put into place some of the pieces, such as your marketing and sales support system and your financial management system. During this final coaching call, you have a chance to get answers to any business management questions still hanging in your head.

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