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Planning Step 5 Set up your customer service system

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Planning Objectives The key to maximizing your profit from each sale is to embrace the principal of “The 2 Rs” – getting Repeat business from customers and getting them to help you receive Referral customers. Your success in achieving this strategy lies importantly with how you interact with your customers in between their orders, and how well you respond when they have a problem with what you sold them or they ask for something new you haven’t sold them. The accumulation of policies, tactics and procedures you put into place to make your customers and potential customers feel special are known as your “customer service plan.”

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How To Do It Read over the section on the Two R’s in the Start-Up Planning Guide. Use what you read to stimulate new thoughts about how to benefit from this strategy in your particular business. Carefully go through the Planning Workshop checklist to make sure that you haven’t forgotten to complete any important step in your customer service plan.

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Week 5 Coaching Call During this 60-minute call, your UB School coach will lead a group discussion on setting up an effective customer service plan. A lot of what you do to accomplish outstanding customer service is to use common sense by asking yourself: “How would I like to be treated if I bought what your company sells?” We’ll discuss any methods that have worked for UB School participants.

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