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Planning Step 4 Develop your selling plan

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Planning Objectives This Planning step combines thought and planning by you, along with learning some new skills, such as how to write a sales approach letter, how to do mail merge for sales mailings, how effectively sales prospect and how to use your business e-mail service to send compelling selling messages electronically. By the end of the Planning Step, you will have considered: How to locate sales prospects. How to make effective selling presentations. How to create a networking plan. How to effectively use business e-mail marketing. How to prepare to attract publicity. How to experiment with a variety of promotional ideas. How to set up and maintain a promotional calendar.

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How To Do It Use the Start-Up Planning Guide to develop a process for finding sales leads. Decide what methods you will use to deliver your selling story. Decide which specific networking opportunities you will pursue. Return to your e-mail account at and go through their tutorial on how to use their service to send promotional messages. Complete each of the publicity support tasks shown in the Start-Up Planning Guide. Consider if you wish to use a printed selling brochure. If so, read how to use Surf the web to find sites that offer promotional tips, such as Visit regularly to learn new ideas. Create and maintain a schedule of promotional activities using the chart presented in the Start-Up Planning Guide.

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Week 4 Coaching Call Because you’ll learn a number of new business management skills while working through Planning Step 4. we usually experience a lot of Q&A during this week’s telecoaching session. Marketing during your first year in business is a process of controlled experimentation – you invest small amounts of money and time in a variety of tactics and then you evaluate the selling results to learn which ones to do more of and which ones to eliminate. Our UB School coaches receive the greatest amount of e-mail from program participants regarding the use of promotional tactics. Our coaching staff has used a wide variety of tasks in growing their own businesses and they are pleased to share their experience with you.

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