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Dr. Jay Seitz is an accomplished neuropsychologist specializing in clinical neuropsychology.He practices involves diagnostic consultation, neuropsychological assessment etc.


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Dr Jay Seitz is a highly accomplished Neuropsychologist based in Manhattan NY. Dr Jay Seitz is a Manhattan based highly accomplished neuropsychologist with over 15 years of experience. He owns a private practice in clinical neuropsychology and is a consulting neuropsychologist to various organizations and medical clinics. Since 2000 he has been performing neuropsychological diagnoses neuropsychological evaluation and assessment neurocognitive assessment and neurocognitive rehabilitation of children adolescents adults and late-age adults with neurological diseases and disorders as well as developmental disabilities. Dr Jay Seitz treats individuals with central nervous system disorders including attentional issues memory impairment cognitive processing and language disorders obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders OCD autistic spectrum disorders ASD intellectual disability ID and learning disorders LD traumatic brain injury TBI multiple sclerosis MS epilepsy and seizure disorders

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dementia and mild cognitive impairment e.g. Alzheimers disease vascular dementia Pick’s disease frontal lobe disorders and executive control dysfunctions genetic and chromosomal syndromes e.g. Fragile-X Downs Syndrome CNS infections as well as exposure to environmental toxins in utero. In addition he also diagnoses difficult diseases and provides treatment for medically unexplained psychosomatic disorders stress-related diseases management of pain and post-traumatic stress disorders as well as associated career and relationship issues using some of the latest techniques including cognitive-behavioral therapy CBT. Dr Jay Seitz is also a former Professor of Psychology at City University of New York CUNY tenured 2001 and a published author and has sat on numerous art boards. Currently he is writing a book on the evolution of intelligence in hominins from the perspective of cognitive neuroscience.

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