Functions of question paper generator

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t could take days, maybe even weeks to generate question papers with the constant cut, copy, pasting, re-writing/typing, proof reading and then finally printing. As the exam season nears the higher management’s entire focus and dependency turns to teachers and typists, who then have one and only one goal to achieve, i.e. to complete the test paper making process quickly. In order to reduce the time consumed in the process of making a test paper, CHRONON, a Test paper software generator was developed.


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Functions of question paper generator

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Introduction Schools, colleges and universities in order to stand in the market place is adopting the changing trend. Technology today has immensely benefitted the educational world and has reduced manpower and error. With the development of the software various activities run in the school became easier to manage . One such software was developed that reduced the effort of the teachers and faculties in preparing the question paper is  Question Paper Generator . This software has ample of benefits as it helps in creation of questions and allows saving in one place which can be re used as and when required.

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Function of question paper generator Store Multiple Question Multiple Language Multiple Types Of Question Security Of Data Question Management

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Security of data A s creation of question paper can be done just before the commencement of the examination so there is no point in leakage of questions paper. The shuffling of questions is also another feature which makes this software more popular among the educational sector as this reduces the combat of cheating. By doing so various sets of question paper are created and each student get different sets

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Multiple Language There are ample of benefits of this software such as question paper can be generated in bilingual language either in Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu and many other languages except Urdu. The creation of question paper in bilingual language has proven good for those students who are not familiar with English and has led them to score good marks in the examination which earlier they were lacking.

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Store Multiple Question Test paper generator software  is an offline software and a unique question bank where you can store end number of questions in a single platform and can be reused as and when required. This unique software has proven to be boon for educational sector in reducing the efforts required right from preparing the question paper to smooth processing of the examination.

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Multiple Types Of Question The software is so designed that it holds the capacity to handle various types of questions such as multiple choice question single correct, true or false, fill in the blank, correction of statement, multiple choice question multiple correct, match the column, assertion and reason type, descriptive or subjective questions. Also it holds group MCQ single correct like comprehensive or data interpretation.

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It manages all your questions and retrieve them according to your criteria within no time. Question can be classified according to their use in a particular exam such as they belong to a particular subject or to a particular topic of a chapter. Further one can classify the questions according to their difficulty level that is easy, medium or difficult. One can create as many as groups and sub groups to store the question either topic wise, chapter wise, class wise, subject or module wise. Question Management

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Test generator software is widely used in the educational sector today and is remarkable solution as it reduces the effort and human error. Also it checks the duplicity of the question and avoids the repetition of the questions. It holds the capacity to cater different types of questions and question bank can be created to store end number of questions which can be used as and when required.   Conclusion

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