How to unlock a Door Lock

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Lost your keys! See if these particular Door Unlocking techniques are working for you or not.


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How to unlock a Door Lock:

How to unlock a Door Lock Step-by-step Procedure

Using a pick set:

Using a pick set

Adding A pick set in your pocket :

Adding A pick set in your pocket While it might not be convenient for each person to carry a pick set every time. Well If you have one, It can save you lot of troubles if you know how to use them Properly. This is a specialized skill that takes a lot of practice and is normally only taught to bona fide locksmiths.

Insert a hex ranch:

Insert a hex ranch

If it’s an interior lock:

If it’s an interior lock Most (not all) of the door locks are provided with specific instruction on how to open the door if keys are lost. Hex Ranch Comes handy in such situation. If your Interior door handle is small, round hole in the center. Hex ranch can save you from a big trouble.

If Doors have older locks :

If Doors have older locks

Put any card to the side of door:

Put any card to the side of door Slide the card on the place where the lock enters the frame. Angle the card downward and situate it behind the bolt of the lock. Make sure that card is perpendicular to lock. If the lock is old styled, this technique will do wonder for you.

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Have you ever been caught in the situation where all of the above techniques do not work?

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Need a high security locks so that the burglars cannot breach into your house by using the above technique.

Contact Specialized Services:

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