Jason Vijil On the Importance of Having Several Offers in Selling

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Jason Vijil is a business development professional from Chicago who currently works as Regional Business Development Manager and covers five states.


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O N T H E I M P O R T A N C E O F H A V I N G S E V E R A L O F F E R S I N S E L L I N G Jason Vijil

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J A S O N V I J I L During his successful career in marketing Jason Vijil saw many inexperienced sales people build a sales process having just one option for their prospects. It makes saying “no” really easy. What you want to do instead is create an offer that has two to three options. This way the probability is much higher that instead of thinking about buying or not your prospect will start thinking about which one of the options to choose.

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J A S O N V I J I L You need to be very careful with the number of offers. Research shows that having too many options confuses people. It is relatively easy to choose from two or three offers. It is much harder to do so when there are fifty or so offers on the table. When people see so many options they get confused and a confused prospect won’t buy. A confused person usually does nothing.

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J A S O N V I J I L This is why you will often see big companies have just a few popular products. A company could create for example eighty different flavors of jelly. Most people would be really confused by such a variety and a typical grocery store has just a few of the most popular options.

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J A S O N V I J I L  This also means that whatever market you are in there is probably a segment of that market that would love to have eighty options of whatever you are selling. What you want to do is to identify how big that segments is and figure out what is more profitable: selling three options to a big market or selling eighty to a much smaller one. This task is similar to what Jason Vijil was doing in the beginning of his career in marketing.

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