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Seastone Drug Rehab Treatment Center is providing the best drug rehab treatment services in Delray Beach, Florida. At Seastone, we are committed to excellence, in both our attitudes and in all the services we deliver. Call our Free 24/7 Hope line 855-266-9944.


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Seastone’s Drug Rehabilitation and Alcohol Treatment Center Seastone is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center that offers highly individualized treatment in a tranquil setting. Located in beautiful Delray Beach, Florida, Seastone stands out proudly among hundreds of drug treatment choices. Seastone is a place to reset and transform your life, when nothing else has worked. We stand out, in one of the most thriving recovery communities in the country, because we get results.

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Why Choose Seastone? You choose Seastone because we offer authentic and long term relief. You choose Seastone because we teach clients how to live a rich life in recovery. We’ll help give your life back to you, an improved version you’ll be eager to live every day. Seastone will teach you the strength, stability, and independence that you’ve lost to alcohol and drug addiction. You choose Seastone because our alcohol and drug programs work, period. Call us today if you or a loved one is suffering the pain of addiction. You’ll find out firsthand why we stand out.

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What does Seastone offer that other alcohol and drug rehabs don’t? Good question. Embarking on a life of authentic recovery is difficult. You and your loved ones deserve to know how Seastone distinguishes itself, especially among the crowded recovery scene in Delray Beach. Well, we distinguish ourselves first by paying attention, by getting to know our clients before treatment begins. Our drug and alcohol programs are well structured, in stages that develop as you do. Our recovery plans aren’t the cookie cutter type. the kind that treat everyone the same and send them on their way. They’re specialized to fit your addiction and personality, so you can utilize them long term for the life you’ve always deserved. And it’s not just us and our former clients that know we’re different. We’ve received objective confirmation of our unique status. This came from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. The JCAHO is a worldwide organization that sets high quality standards for healthcare facilities like Seastone. In addition to insuring that you receive excellent care, their Gold Seal means that it’s much more likely that your insurance will cover your stay here. Seastone simplifies the process of choosing a treatment center, so you can focus on recovery.

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Does Seastone have a Recovery Philosophy? What is it? Yes, we definitely have important principles that guide our practices. They’re responsive to individual needs, but our programs always adhere to core principles of dignity, comprehensiveness, and reintegration into society. Our drug and alcohol programs are respectful, our staff compassionate and caring. They take the whole person into consideration, not just their addictions. The recovery tools we teach are not abstract or theoretical. They are designed for real world success, to withstand the difficulties inherent to long term recovery. Seastone helps clients resolve the traumas that led them to addiction. We provide long term support and recovery resources. We help transform the foundation of clients’ personalities, providing relief for the parts that have suffered so long while retaining what makes them who they are. We are honored to work with clients and their families, to help them build lives they never thought possible.

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Our Address Details:- Seastone Drug Rehabilitation and Alcohol Treatment 810 Andrews Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33483 Admissions: 855-266-9944 Office Staff: 561-450-7679 Email:- info@seastonedrugrehab.com Web:- http://seastonedrugrehab.com/

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