Waste Management and Disposal Techniques


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Waste Management and Disposal Techniques:

Waste Management and Disposal Techniques

Hazardous Wastes and Method for Disposal:

Hazardous Wastes and Method for Disposal The first of the most hazardous substances that you should dispose really carefully is the listed waste and the contents included are several. These listed wastes are generally divided in two different categories and the names are – discarded chemical products and dangerous waste sources. They are also defined as being any unused, discarded or pure substance that only has one active ingredient. You can even substances such as waste water treatment and solvents used in degreasing operations that require different liquid waste removal tactics.

Characterized Waste:

Characterized Waste The next name to discuss is the characterised waste that is divided in for different categories and the name of these categories are ignitable, corrosive, reactive and toxic. The term ignitable waste is used to define wastes such as solvents, paint waste, and dry-cleaning waste as all of them are capable of starting a fire. There are corrosive materials such as battery acid and plating wastes have the ability to corrode metal tanks, drums and other containers. They can release toxic fumes or cause explosions if compressed, heated or mixed with water.

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