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Hawaii – The Big Island:

Hawaii – The Big Island


April 17, 2016 We arrive Casa de Emdeko after getting lost driving around the Kona. Directions were good but circumnavigating the Sunday street fair in our path confused us and we drove 3 miles past our destination. A brief struggle with the self-help check-in directions for using the key but at last we are in. Yeah!


Up early morning (due to the time change) and on our way to the Pololu ’ Valley. Unfortunately it started raining. We saw the falls through a heavy mist and met disheartened hikers advising us that it was to slippery to take the trail. Other traumas of the day included queue for the Post Office in Kapaau, the famous Bamboo Garden in Hawi closed on Monday, and a hike in Mookini Heiau State Monument shortened by rain, wind & mud. Our rain gear was left in sunny Kona a mistake we never made again.


We had a hot dry walk at Lapakahi State Historical Park. There were good explanations of traditional lifestyle and building techniques.


The historic ruins or reconstructions at Lapakahi Park included a canoe workshop & launch.

Wind but NO rain here in Pu’ukohold Heiau:

Wind but NO rain here in Pu’ukohold Heiau The sacred stone temple built to please the war god Ku was successful. The ritual human sacrifice of the King’s opposing cousin was accomplished here.


Lost, lost, lost finding the park but we found Ho`okena Beach. Come on Dennis a few hours at the beach isn’t so bad. My 2 nd day in Hawaii and I haven’t had a swim. Eventually we found Pu’uhonua Honaunau Natl. Historical Park. Tide pool Ho`okena Beach Park


Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park: The Place of Refuge


A beautiful rainy hike with a few dangerous steps. From the park we had a beautiful hike on an old wagon road. Rain again probably accounted for the fact we were the only hikers. This time our rain gear was in the car.


Kealakekua Bay Historical Park Not much here but a view of Capt. Cook Memorial and falling coconuts.


Lost only once! Hiking on the Ala Kahkai trail from Spencer Beach Park to Hapuna Beach through the Mauna Kea resort and golf course


At Mauna Kea Jan insisted we stop for a swim and Jan and our stuff on the beach almost got swept away.


Sometimes the trail is very hard to find, other times Ala Kahakai Trail is well marked.


At one point the trail follows the Mona Kea golf course path. We didn’t have any close encounters with golf carts but we did hike by this historic golf hole


The trail isn’t all rocks and resorts. There are private homes, sacred sites, dry fields


The next day we visited Kaloko Honokohau Historical Park and hiked to petroglyphs and Kaiwi Pt. We saw lots of turtles but I didn’t care for the idea of sunbathing or swimming with large turtles around.


In addition to many turtles we saw a lot of birds and plants along the trail


Along the rocky route were the remains of an ancient slide built for Hawaiian Chiefs.


Hike of the day at Manuka State Wayside Park then on to Black Sands & Volcano National Park


Arrive at Volcano National Park. One day of sunshine. The ranger was thrilled that were staying 3 nights and not the usual 2 hours. Kilauea Caldera by day and night.


We arrived at our room at Hale Ohia in sunshine and didn’t realize how rare that was. The next two days were rainy. The most expensive place we stayed had no heat, hazardous posts & for Dennis a low bathroom ceiling, but we liked it.


Hiking Volcano Park : Kilauea Iki Crater


We found dry weather at the Sea Arch and Petroglyphs


One look at the morning rain and we decided on the Kau Desert Hike with nice ocean views.


More day and nighttime volcano viewing, then check out, and one last hike through the Mauna Ulu eruption area before we move on to Hilo

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