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Capnography is a non-invasive method of measuring the levels of Carbon dioxide (CO2) exhaled from the body. This also reviews the waveforms seen during ETCO2 monitoring


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Capnography Janet Dugan RN, MSN


Define indications for the use of capnography as a diagnostic tool Identify and discuss the phases of a normal capnogram Interpret abnormal capnograms and clinical interventions Demonstrate how to utilize capnography to monitor ventilation during procedural sedation Objectives

What is it?:

Capnography is a non-invasive method of measuring the levels of Carbon dioxide (CO2) exhaled from the body Capnography is a graphic recording or display of the measurement overtime. This measurement is done at the of expiratory phase and is called End-tidal CO2 (ETCO2) What is it?

Why do we care?:

It provides an early warning of bradypnea and apnea thus predicting the development of hypoxia due to respiratory depression up to a minute prior to pulse oximetry. In real time  it is superior to pulse oximetry in identifying over-sedation and apnea . Why do we care?

What equipment will need?:

For a patient under moderate sedation, an accessory hose attached to the oxygen cannula captures the expired CO2 . What equipment will need?

A typical capnograph looks like this::

A typical capnograph looks like this :

What’s wrong with this picture?:

What’s wrong with this picture?


Hyperventilation The capnograph starts normal BUT….. As the respiratory rate becomes faster the waveforms become closer together And the level of end tidal CO2 begins to decrease (blowing off their CO2)

OK…what about this one? :

OK…what about this one?


See how the ETCO2 is rising???? Elevated C02= respiratory depression HYPOventilation

One more……:

One more……

Apnea OR :

sudden loss of a waveform is indicates that no CO2 is present. In the spontaneously breathing patient this means that the patient is most likely gone into respiratory arrest OR If the patient is still breathing, check the equipment  Apnea OR

This one is weird…….:

This one is weird……. an indication of an incomplete or obstructed exhalation Hallmark: “ sharkfin ” pattern

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