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IU Dance Marathon Miracle Maker’s Handbook: 

IU Dance Marathon Miracle Maker’s Handbook Everything you need to know and more!


To create a Dance Marathon, a dynamic organization of friends in community, that will provide hope for the ill children of Riley Hospital for Children by generating funds which will be used to build the Ryan White Infectious Disease Center. Our diverse family of talented and dedicated student leaders will use compassion, strength, dedication, and vision to forge Dance Marathon into a lasting tradition of excellence in service to children in need. In an environment thriving on faith in each other, hope for the future, and inspiration to achieve, we will stretch the limits of our mind, body, and spirit to launch the most humanly diverse personally consuming experience at Indiana University.

Do it for the Children: 

Do it for the Children Some call us a family and we are I would say. Cause we all came together in the very same way. To help those young children that may not live. And to look in ourselves and see what we can give. We’re not here for the fame or involved for the glory. We’re here cause these kids are a unique kind of story. See some will stay with us and some will surely die. And I wish I could tell you but I do not know why. Why these kids are born hurting with frowns on their faces. And spend most of their lives in hospital-type places. It tugs at your heart when those big tear-filled eyes Are looking up at you and asking why. Why their bodies don’t work right and their world is so sad. So keep working hard people for those sick little ones And know deep in your heart that good’s being done. Because what you are doing helps make miracles each day. For you give yourselves in an unselfish way.

Ryan White: 

Ryan White IUDM was established to memorialize the courageous life and efforts of Ryan White. Ryan White was a typical 13-year-old when he was diagnosed with AIDS which he contracted through contaminated blood products he had been given for his hemophilia. When this news became more public, his school district in Kokomo, Indiana, denied him the right to return to classes. The ensuing court battles made headlines all over the country because Ryan had to fight not only the school district, but the fearful, misinformed community. Ryan won the right to return to school, but this battle with the community and the disease itself had just begun. The White's struggled through many traumatic experiences at the hand of the people in the community. The family dealt with the fear and anger of these people on a daily basis hoping that eventually things would return to normal. However, after a bullet was fired into the White home, the family moved to Cicero, Indiana, where they found peace. Throughout his own struggles with the disease and public misconceptions, Ryan spoke out. He combated those misconceptions and called for compassionate treatment of all AIDS sufferers. He appeared at schools and fundraisers across the country and testified before the President's Commission on AIDS. National Celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Elton John became his friends and offered their support. After a courageous struggle, Ryan White died on April 8, 1990, the spring before he had planned to attend Indiana University. His fight to help those afflicted with infectious diseases is continued, in part, by the Indiana University Dance Marathon Council. In memory of Ryan's life and work, the annual Dance Marathon benefits Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis and established the Ryan White Infectious Disease Center.

IU Dance Marathon History: 

IU Dance Marathon History Just days after Ryan White passed away, his friend, Jill Stewart, sat in the office of Jeff Jones, who would later be IU Dance Marathon Council's first advisor and discussed a way for IU students to carry on Ryan's name and efforts. The idea of a dance marathon was mentioned, as Penn State’s 48-hour dance marathon had received top student event honors in a contest the year before. The rest is history. Jill and twelve other student leaders established the IU Dance Marathon Council in February 1991. They visited Penn State and committed themselves to making IU's even better. The First Annual Dance Marathon was held on October 26-28, 1991. It was a 36-hour fundraising event. Through the dedication and hard work of students the Dance Marathon has grown very rapidly in just a few years. In 1991, $11,000 was raised. Since then, nearly Five million dollars have been raised for the Riley Hospital for Children. In addition, five high schools have marathons that help raise money for Dance Marathon. The Dance Marathon has become a tradition at IU, and has found its place in the hearts of many students. The IU Dance Marathon's slogan, "The Chance of a Lifetime, to Give a Lifetime of Chance," professes the actions and purpose of this event.

Dance Marathon Countdown : 

Dance Marathon Countdown Oct/Nov 2007 Mon Sun Tue Thu Wed Fri Sat

Miracle Makers 101 Slide 1: 

Miracle Makers 101 Slide 1 Remember that you are at Dance Marathon to motivate the dancers – that’s the primary role of Miracle Makers. Dancers should be treated with respect, extreme consideration, and admiration in return for what they are doing for the kids. Entertaining the dancers, try to make it interactive. Initiate games, tell jokes, talk with them – not at them. Try to learn the dancers names. If you find dancers struggling, be compassionate. Don’t try and reason with them or tell them they are wrong. It is a good idea to walk around with them and help them find other people they know. Be alert and watch for distress signals! Look for such things as tears, disorientation, limping, facial expressions, falling asleep while standing, violence, abnormal talking and self-immersion. If dancer seems to be in trouble see if you can talk them through it. If they continue to have trouble or you spot physical difficulties, take them to a Morale Captain (tie dye shirt) or the Emergency Medical Technicians immediately. Be a happy face for the dancers – never act bored or tired!!! Keep the dancers moving, even if it’s just swaying from side to side. Encourage dancers to stretch out. Bring toys with you to entertain the dancers. Golf balls for them to roll their feet on, stress balls, or any other games.

Miracle Makers 101 Slide 2: 

Miracle Makers 101 Slide 2 7. Don’t WEAR WATCHES ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!!!! Ask any person wearing a watch to remove it. It is better that the dancers don’t know what time it is. 8. Put your heart into every conversation and massage. The dancers can tell when you give it your all and it makes a big difference! 9.Keep an eye on dancers that are having a hard time. If you switch shifts or leave the floor, make sure someone knows who to watch. 10. You are there for any dancer who needs your support! 11. Don’t cluster with your friends. Go find someone who needs your help and encouragement. 12. Tell the dancers jokes and stories. Try to get them into conversation about things other than Dance Marathon. But if they don’t want to talk, leave them alone. 13. Never talk about sleeping, sitting, or going home while at Dance Marathon. Dancers can hear you and since they can’t do any of these things, it may upset them. 14. Ask dancers if they could use a massage. (Ask if their calves and back hurt)


Fundraising Making Miracles in ’07 Although being part of Dance Marathon is fun and exciting, we must not lose sight of our main objectives: to save children’s lives by raising money for the Ryan White Infectious Disease Center. Every Miracle Makers has a Goal in 2007 of contributing $150 to be able to participate in Dance Marathon WAYS TO RAISE Canning Letter Writing Telephone calls Visit for further explanation and more ideas


Attend all meetings and be on time Attend all dance marathon events Be organized and efficient Listen and communicate with all Miracle Makers Keep a positive attitude Raise lots of $$$$$ for Riley Have Fun!!!!


Attend all meetings and be on time Participate in Dance Marathon Events FUNDRAISE, FUNDRAISE, FUNDRAISE, FUNDRAISE!!! Remember why we are here – keep the marathon fun for the dancers and to help the kids at Riley!!!! Most importantly – HAVE FUN!!!!

Contact Information: 

Contact Information Please email all conflicts to By October 28 at 11:59pm

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