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The Center for the Study of Peace: 

The Center for the Study of Peace “Peace is Much More than the Absence of War”


Symbols of Peace Ambassador Stories New Peace Knowledge Asset for the World Nobel Wisdom We had the ability to capture the wisdom of our Nobel Laureates? We understood how our world’s ambassadors created the conditions for peace? We understood the symbols of peace in each of the worlds cultures? We had an educational resource to teach this wisdom to the world? Is it worth it? What if… Worldwide Community of Practice

A Strategic Imperative: 

A Strategic Imperative The cornerstone of the American Experience, and desire of every country in the world is to create the conditions that ensure peace for their societies. There are many interrelated and often subtle social and societal ingredients that mixed together, create stable and peaceful coexistence between diverse peoples. The United States should create a forum for the world, where those ingredients that lead to peace could be examined, learned, and taught. The Center for the Study of Peace would be such a place.

Helping the World’s People : 

Helping the World’s People We believe that the riddle of peaceful coexistence between the mosaic of nations of the world could be better served by creating a conscious “locus” through which the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of our societies and their needs could be shared by all humankind. The Center for the Study of Peace is Dedicated to this Vision

Where Does This Wisdom Come From?: 

Where Does This Wisdom Come From? Symbols and their unique meaning create powerful emotion within societies. Understanding the symbols of peace within each culture could structure bridges of understanding. Narrative Experience, or learning through story shared by our world’s diplomats and others at the crossroads of negotiation could bring tremendous insight into the subtle pathways to peace. Harvesting Knowledge “know-how” and “know-why” of our worlds greatest intellectual treasures, our Nobel Laureates would give us innovative ways to tangentially study approaches for finding peace.

Leveraging What We Learn: 

Leveraging What We Learn Identify the symbols of peace in each culture. Listen to and capture the wisdom in the stories of those who have contributed to making peace. Harvest the knowledge from these stories and make it available to the teachers of the world. Create a “community of practice” where these living peace makers can come together, encourage and teach. Build educational designs and material that allow people, young and old, to explore the world of peace making wherever they are.

Creating Other Centers for the Study of Peace: 

Creating Other Centers for the Study of Peace One Center for the Study of Peace will be the first constructed. Because symbols are important in this type of project, one such place is Camp David, where the “Carter Peace Accords” were signed between Israel and Egypt and the Nobel Prize for Peace was subsequently awarded to the signers. Building a Center for the Study of Peace in Frederick Maryland, near Camp David as well as Washington, is a logical first step in this program. Other Centers for the Study of Peace could be located in places made historic by peace negotiations or breakthrough discussions.

What Would a Center for the Study of Peace Look Like?: 

What Would a Center for the Study of Peace Look Like? A library and reference center containing studies, educational material, and research regarding negotiations, strategies, creative enquiry, and Symbols of Peace. A hyperlinked, rich media, on-line “Peace Knowledge Archive and Asset” that would include the stories, personal understandings and experiences of those individuals involved in successful peaceful negotiations throughout the world. A full time analysis team to conduct in-depth interviews, distill the resultant dialogue and provide knowledge support services to the participants of the interviews. Meeting places for world-wide connection and cutting edge collaboration to support continued dialogue and conversations on peace.

Services Provided by the Center for the Study of Peace: 

Services Provided by the Center for the Study of Peace The Center would be a resource for the United Nations where new diplomats are schooled on the symbols of peace. The Center would provide resource materials and designs for all educational levels including life-long learning throughout the world. The Center would provide world class facilitation, collaboration, mediation, cultural and symbolic meanings of peace -- all to synergistically support dialogue between people or countries with divergent views points, both on and off the record.

Research Supported by the Center for the Study of Peace: 

Research Supported by the Center for the Study of Peace Practical innovations in the field of negotiations that enabled peace to occur would be modeled, analyzed, and taught for future use. Collaboration between existing schools of diplomacy on the “wicked problems” surrounding successful negotiation would be further enhanced by a dedicated knowledge capture program in the Knowledge Asset on Peace. Setting for a place where technologists could bring their new technologies and try them out in a laboratory setting to discover if and how they could help manage the complexity of negotiation across near real time and distance.

Why Symbols? : 

Why Symbols? Symbols engender powerful emotion. Symbols contain within them subtle insights into the cultures where they were created. Knowing the symbols of peace within each culture builds new bridges of understanding.

Leveraging Symbols : 

Leveraging Symbols Presenting the variety of symbols would demonstrate visually the vast variety among the cultures of the world and create an opportunity for building tolerance. The meaning of the word ‘peace’ would be enhanced through exploring the stories behind the symbols.

Why Ambassadors?: 

Why Ambassadors? The stories of ambassadors are rarely told in public. Yet, contained within them are the gems of knowledge about how to overcome difficult diplomatic situations. Stories capture the context as much as the event, and context is always a requisite of learning. Ambassadorial stories will demonstrate the underlying compassion of these individuals who often are seen only as puppets of their governments.

Leveraging the Stories of Our World’s Ambassadors: 

Leveraging the Stories of Our World’s Ambassadors The wide diversity of thought and culture is reflected in the Ambassadors of the United Nations who daily experience the tension of differences. Each, in his or her own way, reflects the desire to serve the world’s people as the ambassador of their nation and to carefully negotiate the path of peaceful coexistence with their neighbors. The experiences of these thoughtful people, carefully collected in story, distilled and made available to the world becomes a dramatic and powerful tool for enhancing understanding of the role of ambassadors, the challenges they face, and the UN and its potential. One of the main missions of a Center for the Study of Peace would be to harvest these stories, as well as similar experiences from local, state, and other individuals involved in negotiations or mediation activity.

Why Nobel Laureates? : 

Why Nobel Laureates? Just as our UN Ambassadors have unique gifts to be harvested in the quest for peace, so too, do our Nobel Laureates.

Leveraging the Stories of Our Nobel Laureates : 

Leveraging the Stories of Our Nobel Laureates As new laureates are designated by the Nobel Committee in Stockholm, the Center would meet with them to capture their critical “know-how” that enabled them to create their unique gift to mankind. Making this available to the educational community throughout the world in a readily useable form would be one of the main functions of the Center. Creating a dialogue point for all Laureates and a place where they could meet on a routine basis to discuss issues of peace would be a valuable gift that is not currently available anywhere else in the world.

Creating the Opportunity for Critical Dialogue: 

Creating the Opportunity for Critical Dialogue Where today, can laureates gather to routinely collaborate, share and discuss their thoughts? Collective wisdom spurs innovative thought. Creating this critical mass of intellectual power does not happen in any other forum in the world. Providing the means, processes, and collection capability enhances the possibility of breakthrough thinking from these world intellectual treasures.

Step Change in Understanding through Symbol, Knowledge, and Story: 

Step Change in Understanding through Symbol, Knowledge, and Story Understanding of Peace Today Understanding of Peace Tomorrow Symbol Knowledge Story The Center for the Study of Peace

Next Steps: 

Next Steps Secure support and involvement of Maryland State Officials. Establish location for First Center. Secure support and underwriting of Nobel Foundation in Stockholm. Secure support and underwriting of United Nations. Design knowledge asset and establish community of practice. Brief advisory board and funding foundations.

Our Team: 

Our Team Executive Leadership Team: Guy Djoken, Executive Director of the UNESCO Center for Peace and Frederick County NAACP President Dr. Madelyn Blair, CEO Pelerei Inc. and Director of The Pelerei Institute Col (Ret) Peter Engstrom, CEO Age Wave Inc. Strategic Board of Advisors: Dr. Stan Gryskiewitz, Prof Emeritus, Center for Creative Leadership Mary Margaret Evans, Office of the Secretary of Defense Dr. Robert Rosenfeld, CEO Idea Connections Dr. Yvonne Seng, Professor of Religious Studies GYU Dr. Alexandria Hamlet, Hamlet International Inc.

Taking the World’s Understanding of “Peace” to New Levels: 

Taking the World’s Understanding of “Peace” to New Levels This effort would be unique in the World because it creates a synergy between story, symbol, and experiential knowledge. The process applies 21st century know-how to work a problem common since the beginning of history. It uses innovative knowledge processes, thought leader participation, and the best technology in the world. It supports a world wide understanding rich in content in the form of symbols & stories (highly visible and easily accessible) Collect Symbols of Peace Capture Nobel Wisdom Establish Worldwide Community of Practice Collect Ambassador stories Create Knowledge Asset for all Our Approach


Peace is Built on Understanding, Tolerance, Compromise and Trust… The Center for the Study of Peace It only happens with great effort from all!

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