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Driving Green with Biodiesel: 

Driving Green with Biodiesel Jenna Higgins Director of Communications National Biodiesel Board

What is Biodiesel? : 

What is Biodiesel? Alternative fuel for any diesel engine From renewable resources such as soybeans Made in the USA Available in 50 states


Rudolph Diesel designed diesel engine in 1894 to run on peanut oil “The use of vegetable oils for engine fuels may seem insignificant today. But such oils may become in the course of time as important as petroleum and the coal tar products of the present time.” –1912

By Definition: 

By Definition General Definition: Biodiesel is a domestic, renewable fuel for diesel engines derived from natural oils such as soybean oil, and which meets the specifications of ASTM D 6751. Not the same thing as raw vegetable oil


Production (Catalyst) 100 pounds + 10 pounds = 100 pounds + 10 pounds triglyceride Methanol Biodiesel Glycerine (Vegetable oil or animal fat) B100 = Biodiesel Specified by ASTM D 6751 B20 = 20 % B100 blended with 80% petrodiesel


Biodiesel Blends B100 = 100% biodiesel B20 = 20% biodiesel + 80% petroleum diesel B10 = 10% biodiesel + 90% petroleum diesel B5 = 5% biodiesel + 95% petroleum diesel B2 = 2% biodiesel + 98% petroleum diesel




How does biodiesel perform? Similar to petroleum diesel Highest BTU content of any alternative fuel High cetane Minimum cetane of 47, which is higher than most #2 diesel

Does biodiesel perform in cold weather?: 

Does biodiesel perform in cold weather? Yes! During winter, petro distributors treat B20 for climate needs Regular diesel also needs to be treated Usually involves blending with a heartier winter diesel

Will biodiesel void my warranty?: 

Will biodiesel void my warranty? The use of B20 and below will not void the warranty of any major US engine manufacturer Position statements can be found at Caterpillar Cummins Detroit Diesel International John Deere Case New Holland Volkswagen

Dodge Ram Pickup: 

Dodge Ram Pickup




Biodiesel Lowers Emissions Decreases EPA-targeted emissions Virtually free of sulfur & aromatics Soy B100 reduces lifecycle CO2 by 78%




Environment Biodegrades as fast as sugar B20: helps diesel portion degrade twice as fast Nontoxic

Energy Balance: 

Energy Balance Highest energy balance of any fuel For every unit of fossil energy needed to make biodiesel, 3.2 units of energy are gained USDA/DOE study This takes into account the planting, harvesting, fuel production, transport... Institute for Local Self Reliance International Energy Agency

Energy Balance: 

Energy Balance It’s so high because: Plants get free energy from the sun Soybeans are a low input crop Soybean oil is a surplus product No soybeans are grown for biodiesel

Biodiesel…a Transitional Fuel: 

Biodiesel…a Transitional Fuel Biodiesel is not a perfect fuel, but: It works with existing vehicles, TODAY Can transition us to zero-emission fuel

Diesel Vehicles: 

Diesel Vehicles J.D. Power estimates diesel vehicles will make up 7.5% of passenger cars by 2012 (up from 3% in 2004) Highly fuel efficient Cleaner and quieter

Diesel Vehicles: 

Diesel Vehicles Diesel is getting cleaner New EPA regulations: .07 grams of NOx per mile All emissions drastically reduced Ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel

Health Benefits: 

Health Benefits Better for human health Reduces the compounds linked to cancer by 80 – 90% Less irritating to eyes, nose, throat; asthma


Users 500 fleets, including: NASA U.S. Military L.L. Bean New Belgium Brewery Dozens of school districts City of Denver In Missouri: MoDot St. Louis Lambert Intl. Airport Lodge of Four Seasons/Lake Ozark Ft. Leonard Wood KC P&L City of Columbia


Biodiesel Production (in gallons) 500,000 2 Million 5 Million

…Fueling the Famous: 

…Fueling the Famous Neil Young

Bush Visits VA Biodiesel: 

Bush Visits VA Biodiesel

Clinton Global Initiative : 

Clinton Global Initiative

What Does it Cost?: 

What Does it Cost?

What Does it Cost? : 

What Does it Cost? In general, B20 sells for the same as diesel to 20 cents more per gallon New tax incentive will make blends MORE cost competitive There are variables that determine the cost differential, but the tax incentive will help close the gap.

Where is it Available? : 

Where is it Available? B20: Jefferson City Oil Conoco, Country Club Blvd. (across from mall) B5: MFA Petro Card 24 College Ave. Columbia, MO 65202

Want to do more? Join the Biodiesel Alliance or Become a Biodiesel Backer!: 

Want to do more? Join the Biodiesel Alliance or Become a Biodiesel Backer!

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