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Order food delivery and Mexican takeaway online from Chidos Mexican Grill - Clontarf, 4019-Clontarf Check reviews & online menu, Pay online or cash on delivery


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Chidos Mexican Grill - Clontarf Offers and Discounts:  Order at Chidos Mexican Grill – Clontarf through Ozfoodhunter and Get up to 5 off on your order Use Promo Code OZ05.  Order Now:  Get 15 off on your Order Use code OZ015 Minimum Order 100 and more.  Download the Ozfoodhunter App and Get 5 off – Chidos Burritos The Chipotle BurgerChar grilled preservative free Queensland beef pattie with chipotle sauce crispy bacon jalapeños lettuce roasted red peppers ripe tomatoes and Spanish onion. PRICE12.90 Caliente BurgerChar grilled or crispy fried chicken breast with our own sweet tomato chilli relish Spanish onions cos lettuce red peppers jalapeños.

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PRICEChar Grilled Chicken 12.90 PRICECrispy Chicken 12.90 Chidos BurritoChar grilled or shredded meats or vegetarian with lime scented basmati rice black beans pico de gallo salsa cheese rolled in a soft 12 inch tortilla. PRICEChar Grilled 13.90 PRICEShredded Meat 13.90 PRICEVegetarian 13.90 Classic Burrito BowlsBurrito bowl filled with lime scented basmati rice roasted red peppers black beans pico de gallo cos lettuce jalapeños lime corn chips salsa and your choice of filling. PRICEFajita Vegetables with Guacamole 13.90 PRICEMild Beef 13.90 PRICEMild Char Grilled Beef 13.90 PRICESpicy Beef 13.90 PRICESpicy Char Grilled Beef 13.90 Chilli Con CarneSlow cooked chipotle shredded beef with beans basmati rice topped with pico de gallo jalapeños corn chips and fresh lime. PRICE16.90 EnchiladaYour favourite burrito smothered with melted cheese salsa topped with guacamole sour cream surrounded with corn chips. Your choice of filling. PRICEFajita Vegetables with Guacamole 17.90 PRICEMild Beef 17.90 PRICEMild Char Grilled Chicken 17.90 PRICESpicy Beef 17.90

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PRICESpicy Char Grilled Chicken 17.90 Little Amigos Mini BurritoMild Chicken with lettuce cheese and sour cream wrapped in a tortilla. PRICE9.90 Mini NachosCorn chips with melted cheese. PRICE9.90 Little Chicken BurgerCrispy chicken fillet with lettuce cheese and BBQ sauce. PRICE9.90 Sides More Chidos Fries PRICESmall 4.90 PRICERegular 6.90 PRICEFamily 8.90 Jalapeño PoppersWith sour cream fresh lime. PRICE6 Pieces 8.90 PRICE12 Pieces 13.90 Chipotle Buffalo WingsWith habanero dipping sauce fresh lime. PRICE6 Pieces 8.90 Beer Battered Onion RingsWith chipotle dipping sauce PRICERegular 8.90 PRICELarge 13.90 Loaded FriesChidos fries topped with salsa pico de gallo jalapeños and chipotle mayo.

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PRICEMild Beef 11.90 PRICEMild Chicken 11.90 PRICESpicy Beef 11.90 PRICESpicy Chicken 11.90 PRICEVegetarian 11.90 Desserts ChurrosYour choice of cinnamon fudge dipping sauce or salted dipping caramel sauce. PRICECinnamon 4.90 PRICEFudge Dipping Sauce 6.90 PRICESalted Dipping Caramel Sauce 6.90 Apple Cinnamon BitesWith salted caramel. PRICE6.90 Drinks Cool Ridge Water PRICE600ml 3.90 Soft Drinks 600 ml PRICE7-Up 4.90 PRICEPepsi 4.90 PRICEPepsi Max 4.90 PRICESolo 4.90 PRICESunkist 4.90 Soft Drinks 1.25 L

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PRICE7-Up 5.90 PRICEPepsi 5.90 PRICEPepsi Max 5.90 PRICESolo 5.90 PRICESunkist 5.90

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